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How to stay up to date with the latest PPS fast track member’s news and ongoing training updates


Every week one member or another complains that they didn’t receive an email from us although they are always sent to EVERYONE without exception!

So in just a moment I am going to show you how to never miss another message from us EVER again. But first lets understand the problem, you see the BIG problem with email is something call spam filters which are constantly being updated and for some fickle reason one day your spam filter decides to put one of our emails in your JUNK email box and as a result you miss one of the Q&A meeting etc. …this is out of our control so lets make sure it doesn’t happen again.

The solution is simple!

…make you personally responsible for receiving the messages we write on a weekly basis!

From now on we will write up all of our new, emails and communications on the new Fast Track member’s blog at:

…but don’t worry, you won’t have to come to the blog to see if we have posted a new message unless you want to. I will show you how you can receive these messages on your desktop or in your email inbox every time a new one is posted. So follow me now as we set up a RSS feed up in your outlook inbox or on your desk top.

Where to find the RSS feed

RSS is the abbreviation for (Really Simple Syndication) and that’s exactly what this is. This is what the RSS feed looks like and it will see a list of the latest posts on that blog and all you have to is click on the headline of your interest to read more.

The Fast Track RSS feed can be found at: and of course it will be update every time a new post is written and published. If you preferred you could just bookmark this page and visit it for updates but you wouldn’t know if a new post had been written without visiting the feed.

Subscribing to the feed in Outlook…









If you use outlook I would encourage you to take you feed here. All you have to do if the outlook option is NOT already highlighted is to click on the dropdown box and select it. If you use a Google or Yahoo home page you could also place your RSS feed here following the same process







This will open another box asking you to confirm that you want to add the RSS feed and all you have to do is click on the ‘Yes’ button and you are done, it’s really that easy. You will then see the RSS feed link in your side bar and a list of the feed you have accepted under that.



If you click on the RSS feed of your choice it will open up that feed and you will see the posts that you have received.

As you can see they look similar to emails but they are guaranteed to get to your inbox. The RSS feed will be refreshed every time you go on line for email, it’s that easy and all you have to do now is remember to look at the new news updates.

What if I am NOT using outlook?

Well here is a simple alternative, go to: and download the latest version of feed demon which is totally free and will sit on your desktop. Once you have downloaded it install it an open it ready for use.

Just copy and paste the fast track RSS feed and you have almost finished. All the latest Fast track information will arrive in the reader as and when it is published.

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Fast Track RSS News Feed!

You don’t have to come to the news blog to see if we have published a new post. You can receive the RSS feed directly in your Outlook account or Desktop. Click here to discover how to set this up…

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