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Keeping notes

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As an IM (Internet Marketer) a lot of my time is spent on researching and thinking out ideas. I tend to work on a lot of potential project ideas at the same as hardly an hour goes by where I don’t see something or discover something which catches me attention for one of my potential projects, or it sparks and idea which I may latter use in one of my projects.

It would be impossible for me to remember all of these ideas or sparks of inspiration in my head as I simply get too many of them. The easy answer then is to keep a journal or note book to record my ideas, thoughts and locations to the inspirations I discover.

In fact, I do most of my thinking out and planning in first a note book, and then latter transfer the distillation of these ideas into an electronic format which we will come to in just a while.

Keeping notes which you can refer quickly back too keeps you organised, especially your head, and a bit like a computer that only has one software program open, it frees up a lot of RAM (Random Access Memory) or in the case of your brain, thinking capacity.

Thinking out, and configuring ideas on paper gives also you the opportunity to be creative in your thinking by using mind mapping, or other creative methods which you may favor. Then when your ideas start to formulate and grow into something bigger you can either rewrite them or use them as reference as you transfer them to a more permanent electronic system.

One of my favorite saying is:

“The bluntest pencil is more effective than the sharpest mind!”

…and it certainly is because committing your thoughts and ideas to paper or a more permanent electronic format sends a serious message of intent to your subconscious mind. I can tell you from experience that the students I have mentored that take and keep notes are far more financially successful than those that do not!

Keeping notes is VERY sensible and smart action to take, so in just a moment I would like to quickly introduce to one of my very favourite tools, in fact, you may already own it. It’s Microsoft OneNote and it is a really great bit of kit for keeping notes and building projects, as well as capturing screen shots of anything you want to remember.

Starting and stopping

Sometime I may just add a quick idea or reference to one of my notes, and on other occasions a couple of pages or more.

As I have already mentioned, I have many ideas that one day I may create as projects, but I never miss the opportunity of collecting and recording ideas for them as they come to me or I come across them. In fact, it is this process that makes many of my project grow and advance until they reach critical mass, the point where I have gathered so much information that they get put on my ‘MUST DO’ list and then they begin to get serious attention.

A MUST have development tool…

OneNote is a superb filling/development system for so many reasons. It allows me to have as many new notebooks as I desire and each one can have as many colour coded section tabs as I wish, and pages and collapsing sub pages as I desire, meaning I stay VERY organised and can find everything in an instant.

It’s far easier than any paper based system…

It also has a built in facility so I can take screen grab of something which catches my attention and add them to a page.

But BEST of all…

One of the BIG assets that OneNote offers me is I can have the note book I am working on simultaneously update on other computers which I also work upon such as my laptop, or even collaborate on a joint venture with someone located anywhere else in the world and watch updates to a notebook made by someone else update on shared copies a few moments later.

…using OneNote and the inbuilt share Notebook facility means that I can always access up-to-date backups of my work.

You can see I have become a OneNote enthusiast and I fully recommend it to you, but don’t take my word for is as I have located a couple of video’s for you to learn more.












You will find this video at: