• Before you ask for help!
  • Keeping notes
  • Backing up your work
Getting Started
Before you ask for help!

Often the answers you require to move on and advance to the next level are just a couple of minutes away, however when you can’t find them we are here to help, so please take a couple of minutes to read this page and understanding the process you should follow before asking for assistance.

Keeping notes is VERY sensible and smart action to take, so in just a moment I would like to quickly introduce to one of my very favourite tools, in fact, you may already own it, but first I would like to share from experience that the students I have mentored that take and keep notes are far more financially successful than those that do not!

Backing up your work

I can promise you that there is no worse feeling than working on a project for weeks on end only to push the start button on your computer one morning to discover that it no longer worked and your hard drive has burned out. All of your work and effort gone and you have to start again! Believe me when I tell you that you really don’t want too many of these experiences.