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By arriving at this page you have confirmed that you are prepared to do WHAT IT TAKES to be successful and PERMANENTLY UPGRADE your lifestyle.

For that reason I am NOT going to remake the case for purchase to this powerful WEALTH DEVELOPMENT membership which I am about to introduce, but just motivate you a little to take action and begin developing that ALL IMPORTANT momentum in your life.

Your future starts today, RIGHT NOW, in fact IMMEDIATELY!

The sooner you get started the sooner you will begin reaping your rewards.

By this point you have probably come to the conclusion that working for someone else is not a SMART MOVE and will never make you wealthy or allow you to live your life in the way which you desire or had dreamed of! …and you would be 100% CORRECT because your employer estimates that the job you do for them will generate between 4 and 20 times the wage they presently pay you.

That’s the ONLY REASON they have employees…

Just imagine for a moment how that ADDITIONAL INCOME would improve YOUR LIFESTYLE?

Now let’s have an agreement!

You future levels of financial success and happiness are just too important to leave to anyone else because if they get it wrong, you’re in BIG TROUBLE!

Certainly don’t rely upon the government because you could end up being VERY DISAPPOINTED and living close to or EVEN BELOW the poverty line in your golden years!

Financial success and a better lifestyle begin with taking ACTION TODAY for a more comfortable and secure lifestyle tomorrow. You are either going to go with the flow and see what opportunities life serves up for you (but don’t hold your breath).

Or, (and a far smarter option) are you going to become PROACTIVE, take FULL responsibility for your life and MAKING IT HAPPEN?

When it comes to spending or investing your hard earned income you want to know ALL of the facts and I am here to tell you EVERYTHING! What I am about to share with you is probably the VERY EASIEST method to provide you with a QUALITY LIFESTYLE of your choice.

You won’t find any UNTESTED hair brained ideas here…

…just tried, tested and proven material which works, and will WORK FOR YOU also.

The methods I will share with you will forever POSITIVELY CHANGE your way of thinking.

Forget trading your time for money!

Think in terms of developing RESIDUAL PROFIT STREAMS, this is a term you will hear me refer to a lot. In other words you develop your profit streams JUST ONCE, and then they will go on paying you for MANY YEARS to come. When you begin to think and act in this way two VERY POSITIVE things will happen.

FIRST: you remove the upper limit from the income you can generate because this simple mind shift generates truly UNLIMITED POTENTIAL.

SECOND: and probably more important for most people, it creates time and freedom and lifts restriction in the way in which you presently work and fits in with the lifestyle you would like to lead.

Here is a simple fact of life:

If you want to enjoy an EXTRAORDINARY lifestyle you simply have to become EXTRAORDINARY at generating ongoing income and using the techniques I will share with you and if your serious and focused you will find it’s not difficult to QUADRUPLE your present net income in your very first year!

The BIGGEST GIFT that you can give to yourself and your family is:

INVESTING INTO YOURSELF and YOUR FUTURE by mastering the tools and techniques to ‘MAKE IT HAPPEN’ and PERMANENTLY UPGRADE your lifestyle!

Armed with the correct attitude you could have your own valuable and residual profit stream established and putting income into your bank account on a monthly basis within the NEXT 90 DAYS and grow it from there! As you become aware and begin to look around you will probably agree that what I am about to show you is the VERY SMARTEST method for upgrading your lifestyle and income generating potential.

The small cost involved in getting started is a MASSIVE and DISPROPORTIONATE investment into yourself, and your future comfort and happiness!

What this is NOT!

This is not a weird or wonderful FAD money making system that MAY POSSIBLY work for you.

It’s a mixture of VERY WORKABLE methods and techniques that are generating ONGOING PROFITS today and at this VERY MOMENT in time, and they will still be creating profits in five or ten years from now. With just a little imagination and creativity these same methods can be adapted and re-purposed to generate a variety of potential profit streams which are patiently waiting to be exploited or moneytised.

Every day that you are without this material you are losing potential income which is GONE FOREVER!

As you will soon discover, I make it as EASY as possible for you and provide you with ALL the tools and software for COMMERCIAL INTERNET SUCCESS you will ever need; as well as the profit modules to turn on your first profit stream in a comparatively short period of time.

The biggest challenge EVERYONE FACES

On our journey to success the most difficult challenge WE ALL face is mastering their OWN MIND and thought process. Show me a financially successful person or a big achiever and I GUARANTEE YOU that they will have their mind programmed for success. They may not be conscious of this fact but, this claim is 100% true and accurate.

But guess what? ANYONE INCLUDING YOU can start programming yourself for HUGE SUCCESS starting today and immediately get improved results.

By contrast, left to wander free, MOST PEOPLES mind begins to work against them and quickly fill with doubt, worry and fear which generally dooms them to failure!

It’s really NOT DIFFICULT to program yourself for success and I would be glad to show you how if you are interested to learn.

The right Mindset is what keeps you positive and focused as well as giving you the stamina to keep on working at your new profit stream until regular income starts dropping into your bank account.

I really can’t STRESS just HOW IMPORTANT it is to develop the right Mindset and attitude.

If you want to be SUCCESSFUL? …start with programming your mind for SUCCESS!

‘Sophia Loren’ said:

“Getting ahead in a difficult profession requires avid faith in you and your potential; and that’s why some people with mediocre talent, but with great inner drive, go much further than people with vastly superior talent”

This insightful quotation puts things into PERFECT PERSPECTIVE!

If you have ever met one of those AMAZING and unstoppable individuals who despite the odds achieve EVERYTHING they set their sights upon and then MUCH MORE, you will fully understand.

Do you think this is JUST LUCK?

No, I promise you that they (perhaps quite unknowingly) had programmed themselves for UNLIMITED SUCCESS and their Mindset WILL NOT allow them to accept anything less. When you get your Mindset and ATTITUDE RIGHT you are 90% of your way to being successful!

Now that’s ONE HECK of an advantage and method for turbo charging your life. Once you have programmed yourself for MAXIMUM SUCCESS the rest is merely a FORGONE CONCLUSION and will only require time before it happens

When you believe you can YOU WILL!

However, where you have even the SLIGHTEST DOUBT your chances of FAILURE have just dramatically increased.

The good news is that ALL HUMANS are already equipped with all of the nuts and bolts we need to be SUPER SUCCESSFUL; we just need to learn HOW TO USE them correctly. Now you may just have had an AHA moment and recognised the reason why YOU MAY NOT have been as successful as you wished to this point.

“Now you know just how important this is you have THREE CHOICES

You can hope that what I have just said DOESN’T apply to you, although from now on at a subliminal level you will be aware of it and ALWAYS know that it REALLY DOES and it’s the main element that’s holding you back and stopping you from being a BIG ACHIEVER!

You can spend years and a TON of cash studying to become a master practitioner of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Practitioner) as I did.

Or, and far quicker and inexpensive route, join the ‘Fast Track’ to wealth membership and gain access to EVERYTHING you need to know to program your mind for UNLIMITED SUCCESS.

Yes as a member you get immediate and UNLIMITED ACCESS to this bonus module to study and refer to just as much as you wish.

This ESSENTIAL MODULE alone is worth 4 times the total cost of the membership and will be responsible for generating you a fortune if you use it! Just as soon as you begin using and implementing this knowledge you will start to notice things changing and improving in your life, and that will be just the start.

This is a MASSIVE subject, but I have focused on keeping it simple and delivering the MOST IMPORTANT elements which will make the greatest difference to your progress. I’ll tell you more about it as we advance.

“Below are the BIG BENEFITS of establishing your own Internet related profit streams”

No more NEEDLESS time consuming and EXPENSIVE COMMUTING to and from a job which is taking you nowhere.

No more UPPER LIMIT on the income you can now generate, because now your earning potential will become TRULY UNLIMITED.

No more being told WHAT TO DO and when to do it, now you make ALL of the decisions and work at your own pace

Work from the comfort and convenience of your own home or a variety of locations which you find inspiring and motivating.

Watch your family grow and be there for them when they need you the VERY MOST!

Work as and when you wish and at times which suit you and your desired lifestyle.

Remember that this is about the quality of lifestyle you generate as well as your income generating potential.

Virtually nil start-up costs especially compared to a traditional bricks and mortar business or franchisee.

Little or no overheads or ongoing running cost.

Work from VIRTUALLY ANYWHERE for just a few hours a day as I do even while I am away on holiday.

Access to a WORLD WIDE audience without even leaving your own home.

Establish valuable profit streams which go on developing your income even while you are RELAXING, SLEEPING or away on HOLIDAY.

Start VERY PART TIME as and when you have a free ten minutes, or go at it like a charging bull because both methods work perfectly well.

Subscribe to the mentorship option and stay motivated and turbo charged to achieve UNLIMITED SUCCESS.

No stock or inventory to purchase or find warehousing for unless you enjoy doing things the hard way.

Absolutely ZERO previous skills or knowledge is required to get started.

You will experience a variety of learning modes ‘text, audio and video’ which will accelerate your progress.

Learn and advance at a speed which suits you.

REPEAT MODULES as many times as you wish and until you master the skills you need.

Use the membership material to refer to as much as you wish.

Experience a rapid ROI (Return on Investment) and reclaim your investment in just months and then it’s all profit from then on in.

Create a lifestyle which gives you the time and option to spend in pursuit of things which you really enjoy doing.

Begin LIVING YOUR DREAMS rather than always being a part of someone else’s.

Generating Internet related profit streams is the SMART OPTION which offers you UNLIMITED POTENTIAL.

“Below is a SMALL PORTION of what you will discover:”

First a few BIG negatives so you will know how to avoid them!

Discover why MOST PEOPLE are doomed to financial failure before they even get started and the actions to take which will ensure that you are NOT!

One HUGE MISTAKE that leaves most people STUCK FIRMLY in the starting gate until they discover how to overcome it!

The MAIN REASON why most people don’t even come close to reaching their FULL POTENTIAL financially, or in life

How to add MULTIPLE profit streams to your lifestyle portfolio.

How to think like a financially successful entrepreneur and EXPLODE your potential.

How to identify the HUGE VOLUME of opportunities which are around you each and every day.

Where FINANCIAL SUCCESS STARTS and without mastering this simple element you are UNLIKELY to succeed.

How to find as many RED HOT opportunities as you will ever need to generate MULTIPLE lucrative income streams.

The one ESSENTIAL wealth generating ASSET that can be yours in just two minutes from now and will account for as much as 90% of your success.

How you can tap into the TREMENDOUS power of social media and be amazed at just how quickly you can generate a custom base from using it.

The smart way to use e-mail to double or even TREBLE your level of ongoing profits!

A variety of effective business models and techniques which GENERATE ongoing income streams and how you can adapt them to fit you like a glove.

How to rapidly build highly effective Websites where you can sell ready-made HIGH DEMAND products and services.

How to set up attractive niche online shops which can be EXTREMELY profitable.

Use the power of the search engines to find potential opportunities and drive qualified traffic.

How to find the PERFECT product or service niche to help you get quickly established and living your dream.

Discover how to put your profit streams on AUTO PILOT.

How to get started immediately generating a profit stream without having a website.

How and where to find THOUSANDS of products and services from which you can generate ongoing residual profits.

Where to find HIGHLY PROFITABLE low hanging fruit opportunities and how to turn them into quick and easy to develop profit streams.

Tap into RED HOT market places with cash in hand customers.

Discover four COMPLETELY DIFFERENT and distinct methods of generating an additional income stream from your Websites or blogs, and you can use them all if you wish.

How you can turn your present knowledge and hobbies into HIGH DEMAND products or services.

One specific method which I favor which has the potential to make you wealthy.

Lots of different methods for driving highly targeted and qualified traffic and new prospects to your profit streams.

Step by step methods and techniques to assemble your profit streams and ONGOING support which you can tap into if you wish to shortcut the process.

You will discover how to test and optimise your new project for MAXIMUM PROFIT development.

How to turn your profit streams into HIGHLY SALE-ABLE assets.


This is HOW the ‘FAST TRACK’ Internet wealth development program and membership works

It’s an ONLINE MEMBERSHIP which is open 24/7 and 365 day a year. So you can login as and when you wish or have a SPARE MOMENT and use it as a source of growth and learning as well as for reference as you build your profit streams.

In addition to this you will also have access to a private MEMBER BLOG which will keep you updated with membership news, Internet related changes, and what is going on.

The material is LOGICALLY PRESENTED in a PROGRESSIVE HIERARCHY which means you will establish your first profit stream in the shortest possible time learning the MOST IMPORTANT material first.

You can advance as your own speed without pressure or falling behind – remember this is NOT a race.

If you have opted in to the support and mentoring option you will be able to gain access to support directly from your membership portal. For many years I taught much of this material at live seminars which I really enjoyed. I always gave GREAT VALUE and shared tons of material much of which I now realise was wasted. The problem was by 11.00am of the first day most people where ALREADY OVERWHELMED and MENTALLY OVERLOADING. I was giving WAY TO MUCH powerful information far too soon which for most people was not good. But at the same time I wanted to give LOADS OF VALUE and share lots of material so what was the alternative?

I knew there had to be a BETTER METHOD which would avoid this problem and then I found it in the form of some powerful membership software. This new online membership option had some VERY POWERFUL benefits which addressed overwhelm so I decided to explore them further. Shortly after this version 1 of the Practical Profit Solution ‘Fast Track’ wealth development program was developed and sold faster than hot cakes. This began getting DRAMATICALLY BETTER RESULTS than before and many of my students were rapidly establishing profit streams.

However, I listened carefully to what they had to say and learned how to improve the membership EVEN MORE, and two years after first opening v1 – v2 was ready for launching. What is on offer now is a TOTALLY NEW and UPGRADED MEMBERSHIP which logical leads you step-by-step to the point of development of your first profits stream whatever time you have available to work upon it.

“You can learn in four DIFFERENT ways…”

Text: Most of the lessons are progressive step-by-step tutorials illustrated with easy to follow screen grabs.

Audio: Some of the more important lessons which you need to listen to a number of times are also recorded in audio so you can download them and listen to them on your MP3 player while you are out and about.

Video: If you prefer learning with video some of the bigger lessons have been outlined in this format.

Q&A sessions: If you subscribe to the support and mentoring option you will have access to live and interactive support from myself.

BE AWARE: New material is CONSTANTLY being added or updated to the membership.

To get started just select one of the many profit streams outlined, one which suits you and the lifestyle you wish to lead. Then follow the necessary creation modules and lessons which show you how to construct and establish it and start driving targeted traffic and potential customers. EVERYTHING you need to get started is there for you to follow.


You DO NOT have to learn all of the material provided in this membership before you get started! It has been structured in a logical hierarchy so you can choose the profit generating method of your choice, and then go through the core skills you need to achieve it!


To help you stay disciplined and focused without being OVERWHELMED one new module opens every month. You immediately gain access to the ‘NO BS facts’ module and the month one profit module.

You will have plenty to keep you busy.

After 28 days the module on ‘Creating your website’ will open and take you through the step-by-step process of getting yours established and published to the world.

28 days after this the modal on ‘Core Skill’ will give you some powerful methods and strategies for DRIVING TARGETED PROSPECT to your site. This means if you are keen and enthusiastic, in just 10 – 12 WEEKS you could have your first SERIOUS PROFIT STREAM online ready to begin reaping the rewards. When you have done this once I can tell you that building additional profit streams will take you just a fraction of the time the first one needed.

Now I know from experience that this is the VERY best METHOD of learning and assimilating this information which gets results.

Please remember that you can select and opt in for support and mentoring at any time!

4 VALUABLE bonuses”

INCLUSIVE web hosting.

  • You can have as many Websites as you desire as part of your membership.
  • Not all website hosting packages are equal and some are very restrictive.
  • At the time of writing an equivalent website package would cost you £84 per year each, some are very much more.

Just click here to see what you could be paying for each and ever new site you establish and then you will realise what a BARGAIN I am offering you!


  • You will be provided with a load of additional software packages which you may wish to use and are usually self-installing.
  • Viral ‘Tell a friend’ scripts.
  • The ability to run web surveys and gather important information.
  • Photo galleries.
  • Guest books and help desks.

…and much more.


  • UNLIMITED e-mail addresses.
  • Mailboxes.
  • Mailing lists and auto responders.
  • Highly accurate website statistics tools.
  • HTML templates.
  • More than 20,000 graphics, clip art and illustrations.
  • Shopping carts etc.


  • A minimum of 2 live and interactive BONUS TRAINING DAYS or seminars per year.
  • Here you will experience a variety of related wealth generating techniques.
  • Networking with like-minded people where you may establish a joint venture.
  • Hot seat coaching.
  • Often such days are sold for £500 or more.
  • You gain access for HARD COST ONLY which just a fraction of the full or public cost.

EVERYTHING you need to become financially successful.

Consideration ONE:

The ‘Fast Track’ membership provides you with a VERY RAPID ROI (Return on your Investment)

Realistically, I seriously CAN’T think of a quicker method of getting your investment back and being in the position to begin establishing your own MULTIPLE monthly profit streams. In JUST 10 – 12 WEEKS you could be in a position where you have established your first profit stream, one which grow and goes on paying you for many years to come.

You will establish ADDITIONAL PROFIT STREAMS in just a fraction of the time which this first one took you. Please remember these are VERY SOLID profit streams which are likely to grow and go on paying you for MANY YEARS into the future!

Consideration TWO:

Internet related profit streams can be rapidly established on any budget, even NO BUDGET AT ALL!

The reason for this is that the ‘Fast Track’ program comes packed with EVERYTHING you need to get started and making money immediately. Knowledge and know how, software and tools, website hosting, even support and mentoring if you want it, EVERYTHING!

More importantly I will show you ALL OF the FREE methods which I use to drive VOLUMES of QUALIFIED and target traffic to my websites and generate profit. So apart from your inexpensive URL’s (website names) you don’t need to spend another penny if you don’t want to.


A FULL YEAR guarantee!


The 'Fast Track' to wealth is 100% GUARANTEED For 365 Days

Not many people will have the confidence in their product or service to offer you a one year guarantee and will prefer to give you a BARE MINIMUM 30 days which doesn’t give you the opportunity to try or experience the power of this program and membership for yourself!

My guarantee is simple and STRAIGHT FORWARD and puts all of the risk upon me!


The MAIN reasons for choosing this program!

  • It is the VERY fastest and easiest method for establishing your own streams of residual income
  • It HIGHLIGHTS all of the MAIN methods which are generating ONLINE profits RIGHT NOW!
  • It provides you with EVERYTHING you need to become established ASAP without additional spending
  • The membership gives you a LOGICAL and FRIENDLY LEARNING and assimilation process
  • It offers A RAPID RETURN upon your investment
  • It has a complete module dedicated to the successful programming of your MIND AND ATTITUDE
  • It’s a SMART choice for individuals who are SERIOUS about improving the lifestyle and income generating skills
  • Generating Internet related income is HIGHLY ENGAGING and VERY ABSORBING and satisfying work which is hard to put down
  • The ‘Fast Track’ membership is HIGHLY COST EFFECTIVE
  • The opportunity is open and transparent and FULLY GUARANTEED
  • Most important of all is that ANYONE of any age can be successful using it, SO CAN YOU!


So what is your INVESTMENT investment into this WEALTH GENERATING program?

Before I tell you this you should know that until recently and until the ‘Fast Track’ version 2 memberships recently became available this program was being sold for £1,997!

I am responding to the ONGOING ECONOMIC RECESSION and want to give as many SERIOUS INDIVIDUALS as possible the opportunity to improve their lifestyle and present financial circumstances. So the prices I am about to quote will only be held temporally and the price WILL BE adjusted UPWARDS again at some point in the future which COULD BE TOMORROW!

I have created a special TIME LIMITED incentive for decisive and SERIOUS INDIVIDUALS such as you!

Today you can get started however I am going to make you a VERY SPECIAL deal! I have spread this minimal into your future across a 3 month period


PLEASE NOTE: When the above counter reaches ZERO your opportunity to purchase at the discount price will revert to the FULL PRICE! You can started today building a better future for just:

+ two more monthly payment of £124.50 – total investment into your future £499

This is an INCREDIBLE OFFER and an opportunity which will change your LIFESTYLE and income generating potential!

Decisive individuals are ALWAYS the BIGGEST money makers of all and exactly the type of individuals who will BENEFIT MOST from the ‘Fast Track’ membership and this opportunity! …and this is the EXACT reason for offering this attractive incentive!

So DON’T DELAY, because you can get started today…

The ‘Fast Track’ Internet Wealth Generation Program!

  • I am ready to discover the skills to place my life into the financial FAST LANE and improve my lifestyle and income generating skills by using the ‘Fast Track’ membership material to help and guide me.
  • I would also like to take advantage of your GENEROUS 365 day money back guarantee!
  • I understand as part of my membership that you provide me with UNLIMITED website hosting for my personal use and I fully agree to your terms that I WILL NOT use them for hosting pornography or adult related material, or anything which may be considered illegal.
  • I also agree that I will not use any of the techniques, methods or material in the membership area as a template to construct products or services which will compete with Practical Profit Solution or the ‘Fast Track’ membership.
  • I would also like to spread my payments out over a three month period and would like to take advantage of your generous TIME LIMITED DISCOUNT and lock in this price by starting right now.


Remember with my 365 day money back guarantee you have NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain!

Only click here if you are NOT going to purchase this product!

Whatever your decision I want to thank you for joining me today and spending time learning more about this opportunity and I would like to wish you the VERY BEST of luck in the future because we all deserve it.

The TIMING wasn’t right!

I totally understand if this is the case because timing is so important and my hope is that you may return at some time, perhaps after considering and comparing other opportunities. Please be careful of those individuals who are so eager to get you to purchase their product that they need to resort to showing you their financial details and bank statement etc. These rarely give you the FULL PICTURE and can be VERY DECEIVING as well as occasionally fraudulently produced for selling purposes.

If so,  I would welcome the opportunity of answering them for you by email, Skype or phone, you can contact me by going to my contact page

Kind regards



Kevin Martyn

PS. Just to remind you that when the 48 hour countdown gets to ZERO you will lose both the opportunity to buy into this powerful wealth development product and spread the payment over a three month period!

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