A FULL YEARS Money Back Guarantee

Let’s put this TOTALLY FAIR risk reversal guarantee into perspective for you…

So confident am I that the methods and techniques provided in the ‘FAST TRACK’ Internet wealth development membership will work for you and help you establish your own Internet related profit stream that I am including a ‘FULL 365 DAY’ money back guarantee as part of the offer. That’s 365 days to use and benefit from this tried, tested and proven material to establish your OWN stream or MULTIPLE STREAMS of Internet related income.

I already know if you take immediate action (and even make a few mistakes along the way), you will NOT NEED anywhere near this amount of time to establish your first profit stream.

This material works like magic for ANYONE who USES it as directed and puts in the required effort attracting qualified visitors and prospects. For that reason, and as it is a tried and tested material which has stood the test of time, I may ask you for proof that you have used it as directed before considering a refund.


There is always a small percentage of deceitful individuals who purchase such material and use it successfully and STILL ASK for refunds. There is also an equal percentage that will play at it rather than working at it as directed and procrastinate and never progress.

For such individuals I do not offer refunds.