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How your site looks is important, but driving traffic is ALWAYS going to be your TOP priority!
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Creating your web site
Where to Begin

Hi ,

We have now reached the point where you are about to begin to really feel that you have achieved something.

In a short time from now you will have a web site to look at and refer your family, friends and shortly potential prospects towards, and this certainly means that you are progressing in the right direction.

Stay objective

Please remember that although your web site is a very central element in this income stream it is ONLY one component in a process; all of which will need equal and perhaps even ONGOING attention to make them work correctly and in conjunction with each other.

It is very easy to waste most of your time devoting your attention to just this one visual aspect of the profit generating process and delude yourself that you are being productive when you are simply being busy and entertaining yourself. There is ALWAYS something waiting to be done on your website, and if you allow it to do so it will keep you busy most of your available time.

Being a slow learner I have fallen into this trap many times in the past until I realised that having the best looking web site in your field won’t make you a penny unless you have established a flow of targeted and qualified prospects arriving on your landing page on a daily basis.

You will also have to be prepared to change or alter the look and feel of your web site many times until you are certain that you have it profit optimised to the very maximum. This means you will need to test, test and then test some more, throw out what doesn’t work for you and constantly test and improve what does.

Keep it simple and easy for yourself…

In the past designing and building a web site was a difficult and challenging task that required quite a lot of HTML knowledge and skill, but now if you follow the advice below you will find it a quite simple and straight forward task that will not take you long at all to achieve.

What software should you use?

At this point I only use one platform which is Word Press!

Sorry, I am a hopelessly addicted ‘Word Press-oholic!’

Not only is Word Press TOTALLY free of charge, but there are thousands of plugins and design themes which have been created especially to integrate with it and most of these are also free of charge. Best of all Google simply loves it and indexes it far more quickly that traditional HTML web sites, and after you have become familiar with using Word Press you can have a new web site up designed and attracting visitors within just a few hours’ work.

There are many other so called blog platforms available but Word Press seem to be simply light years ahead of them and this gap is widening all of the time.

Web site Design

Now before we get into the finer points of designing your web site I would like you to pay PARTICULAR attention to one specific point which will make a HUGE difference to your future success and profitability.

It doesn’t matter what you, your husband or wife, mother or your mother’s best friend think of your web site design, it ONLY matters what your prospects and customers think because they will be the ones who will be opening their wallet for you.

For this one reason alone be VERY careful who you ask, listen to and accept advice from and above all else remain focused on your outcome which I hope is creating an ongoing profit stream rather than just making a good looking website.

AVOID Distractions

The BIG trick is to provide your visitors with enough well written content for them to both trust you and make a well informed decision that leads them to taking your MWO (most wanted outcome) WITHOUT distracting them in any way.

Keep them laser focused on the benefits you offer…

Just because you CAN fill your site with bells, whistles and little novelties doesn’t mean you have to do so …and when you are new to Internet marketing there is a massive temptation to experiment and do just that.

Header graphics

A well designed and relevant header graphic which immediately HIGHLIGHTS to your visitor the benefits they will receive may make an extremely big difference to the sales conversion of your web site. However, unless you already possess the software and are skilled in using a graphics program such as Photoshop it’s a job best left to a professional.

If you don’t already know a graphic artist who will do it for you then you may want to take a quick look in the graphic section on: because that’s all it will cost you $5! You will be amazed at the extensive list of services you will find when you browse this web site all at $5.

Design Colours

If you are going to use other colours in your web site design, the best way to do this is get your header designed first, and then pick the additional colours from predominant shades in your header graphic and in this way everything will match and work together.

If you are using a designer to create your header graphic for you, ask them to make for you a 3 colour pallet from your header and then work from this.


Unless you are trying to win a design contest ALWAYS use black text on a white background! It is the format that most of your visitors will be most familiar with and of course it’s easy to read.

The page background, that it the area outside of the Word Press border is best in a darker colour or shade as it helps to keeps the eye focused on the more important part of the page as intended. If you do decide to use a tiled pattern or brighter colours just BE CERTAIN that that are not distracting your visitor.

Pictures and graphics

You have probably heard it said that “a good picture can say a thousand words!” and I believe this is true just so long as they are relevant, tasteful and serve a purpose such as making your page more attractive to read.

You can get THOUSANDS of very high quality illustrations and graphics totally free of charge from these two web sites:

If after finding a graphic you like you want to resize it you will find the  website below useful.

Video and audio

The use of video on a web site is becoming more popular by the day and most modern computers come equipped with web cameras, if not, they can be purchased quite inexpensively. Mine cost me just £12 a year ago and it makes marvellous recording which I use to make professional quality recordings.

If you are looking for content for a blog post you will find loads of relevant videos on sites such as YouTube which you can imbed directly onto your page.

The best use of both video and audio, specifically on authority sites is to introduce yourself to your visitors with a short, one or two minute intro video. This helps to build a relationship with your visitor as most people will enjoy knowing and learning a little about you.

Match your site to your target prospect…

Learn as much as you can about your target market and prospects and try to make the look and feel of your website as relevant for them as possible. For instance, if your audience are the over forties you may want to make the text a point or so bigger for easy reading etc.

Once you know your target market you can start to make your site as relevant and attractive for them as possible.

Hit the ground running…

If generating an ongoing profit is important to you and I hope that it is, armed with the above checklist to work to and follow you should be able to put a good looking site together quite quickly.

My advice would be to launch just as soon as possible and improve as you progress and get feedback. Sometimes good enough is good enough so start driving traffic ASAP!


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