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Creating your web site
Adding Video to your Page or Post

Hi ,

Adding video to your page or post is a really great way to add interest and variety for your visitors. Those web site owners who have learned how to use video as the powerful tool that it is, have a MASSIVE advantage over those who have not.

In the not too distant past adding video to your web site was a far more difficult task than it is today or will be in the future.

It’s also a fact that many people and web site visitors actually prefer video to written text, especially for sales presentations or if you are showing them how to do something that they can follow along with on their own computer by first watching and then doing.

This page will show you the BEST way of quickly adding video to your page. If your video is already created and rendered it is usually a comparatively short and simple task to get it playing on your page.


Speed is essential!

Modern website visitors are more impatient than ever, and if they have to wait while your video loads you may lose them. Just remember that they are just a couple of clicks away from your competitor’s web site where the video may play instantly.

For this reason, and unless you have an extremely fast ‘Media Server’ don’t host videos on your own web site. Unlimited bandwidth doesn’t mean that 10 people can watch your video at the same time. It WILL start to slow down for EVERY ONE as the bandwidth dilutes and decays, and then the video will begin to stop and freeze while it streams and loads. This provides a poor viewing experience and this is EXACTLY what we MUST avoid!

The answer is simple! …let one of the many SPECIALISED video sites host your video for you. Although the video will appear and play on your page or post, it will in fact just be the code that you have placed there you see playing, this will stream your video from their SUPER FAST media servers saving your bandwidth. In this way you can have 100’s of visitors on your web site at the same time watching the VERY same video without anything slowing down.

Another great reason using YouTube or a similar site is that they take care of all of the video problems that might occur for you. Let’s face it, with millions of new video uploads each week they are the experts and have forgotten more about video than we are ever likely to know, so let’s tap into their experience.

You don’t have to use YouTube as there are dozens if not hundreds of other video hosting site you can consider and the way to find them would be to type the Keywords ‘video hosting’ directly into Google.

Length of video

A small problem you may come across is either the length or size of your video.

Hosting sites differ in their requirements but at the time of writing YouTube will only allow you to upload videos of UNDER 10 minutes in length or 2GB in file size. The way around this challenge is to make two or more shorter videos and then place them on your page or post one under the other. Actually this strategy has another advantage which is this appears you are giving greater perceived value than a page with just one video upon it.

Private videos

The big problem with YouTube and other such web sites is that they are public video web sites which rely on advertising to generate their revenue. For this reason if your video consists of private material which you want to sell or provide as part of a service or membership you will have to consider another solution, and the one I use is:

Unlike YouTube or the other public video websites they rely upon you to provide their revenue and every time someone watches one of your videos you can charge a small fee PPV (Pay Per View).

Easy Video player

In fact, you can make using EZS3 video even easier if you use a program called Easy Video Player. It’s a one off purchase but if you are planning a membership or have the need for high speed streaming video for monetising your site you should consider this an investment:




Placing the code on your page

I’ll go through this simple process using YouTube as our example because all of the alternative video web sites are all very similar to use in practice.

After uploading or locating the video you would like to use, click on the ‘Share’ button which will open up another box with a link to the video.

Then click on the ‘Embed’ button and it will open up another section where you can choose what size you would like the video to display. Once you have done that, open your post or page using the HTML tab at the top right of the page and copy and paste your code directly in place, then upload it to complete the process. When you refresh your post or page your video should be ready and waiting for you or your visitors to begin enjoying.

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