Testing is ESSENTIAL!
Failing to test is like driving on the motorway wearing a blindfold.
Core Skills

No one likes to waste either time or money…

 “What you are about to discover is the QUICK and effective method for discovering if you have a WINNING PROJECT or service, or a time wasting loser which will demotivate you and cost you money!”

 …only ignore this advice if you enjoy failures and disappointments.

There are other free ways of testing the same process but they take far longer and are far more expensive to achieve, and as you will soon discover time is your most finite and valuable commodity. I am sure you will agree that its madness to develop a new product or service until you are certain there is a market for it, and that you can make money from it.

In the past I would spend a fortune and waste weeks of valuable time using traditional mail order techniques to discover and gain feedback inferior to what you can now achieve in just a day or two and for just a fraction of the price it used to cost me.

This method is extremely quick and simple method known as Google ad words which you will already be familiar with as they look like the illustration!

Google ad words are simple PPC (pay per click) adverts which I have highlighted in red that you can later use to drive traffic to your website.

They are simple to design and as you can see they have a maximum of just 25 words for the headline or first line and two further lines of 35 character including spaces. Finally you have a link to take visitors to your target web page. Best of all is that Google calculates everything for you such as the interest and profitability of your advert etc.

However, that’s all advanced stuff for driving ongoing traffic, all we need to find out at this point is if there is a market place of interested customers. Depending upon the popularity of your keyword or keyword phrase it could cost you from just a few pence to £1 or more a click. You decide on a budget for the day and are in complete control of the process. Now the higher your ad word appears on the page the more it will initially cost per click, however, you don’t need the top listing. In fact, I would be happy with 5th, 6th or 7th place and I usually set the rate at either £50 or £100 a day because I want to achieve rapid results and make immediate adjustments rather than drawing it out over a week so.

Discover more…

Here is a link to Google which will tell you step by step about using ad words


Action Plan:

  • You will need to put in time discovering your project keywords before you start this process
  • Find the main keywords potential prospects will use to find you
  • Write a variety of ad words and enjoy the process because it is creative fun
  • Test more than one advert, if you get it right first time fantastic, if not you will need to be prepared to test
  • Find a website to send your traffic to, perhaps your competition
  • You could design a test landing page if you wanted to but for your first time out this is not necessary
  • I am not really interested in my Click through rate at this point as that can be refined as you progress.
  • All we want to know is that there is a healthy interest in your product
  • My aim would to be to get a few hundred clicks in the first day and then I would have confidence in my new product and may go into production