This is a great habit to DEVELOP!
When it comes to getting quality backlinks there is no better way of getting them.
Methods for Driving Traffic
Blog Commenting

One action, two POSITIVE and productive outcomes…

“Blog commenting is a great method for both driving TARGETED TRAFFIC to your website and at the same time obtaining those much need back links to get you a quality SERP listing and a flow of FREE traffic!”

What is it?

Blog commenting is the action of writing a short reply on someone else’s blog article and in return the webmaster of that blog will reward you with a link back to your website or a location that you wish to promote.

Why do it?

The benefits associated to blog commenting are many so let’s start this short tutorial by looking at the main ones:

Drives targeted traffic

It may surprise you to discover that many people (I being one of them) often pay more, or certainly as much, attention to the comments as the article itself. The reason for this is that often the serious blog commenter is asking for clarification or a response to a problem they may have relating to the blog article. Such feedback can be as valuable as gold dust to entrepreneurs who are constantly alert to potential new products they may develop.

So individuals who take the time to write valuable and relevant positive comments to articles, or the comments of such articles usually highlight themselves as authorities on that subject. Obviously for those with an interest or a problem to solve in this niche they become of particular interest and individuals who are likely to generate curiosity and prompt further investigation. For that reason the link back to their site is often followed in the hope of learning more about them and that specific subject, and such followers are generally HIGHLY QUALIFIED prospects.

Generates back-links

Although I do NOT want to go into any detail here, every time you write a new blog comment you generate a valuable hyperlink to your own website! If you want to get your website or page listed at the top of Google’s free listing these back links are ESSENTIAL. In fact, the more of them with high Google PR rank you can generate the better.

Reading other articles increases your knowledge!

When I find a new article on which I am going to add value by writing a comment I take the time to read it which constantly adds to my own growing knowledge base. More precisely, I scan it looking for something specific (a strong point on which I can comment) and when something, usually a sub headline catches my attention I stop and read it in more detail.

They keep me up-to-date with the market place

By commenting on a regular basis I keep my finger on the pulse of what is going on in my specialised areas of interest and this highlights me as someone working at the forefront of this niche, and those with a similar interest know this.

Generates LOTS of new ideas

Probably one of the BIGGEST benefits as far as I am concerned is that blog commenting generates me tons of new ideas for articles, products and added value material for my club members and mailing lists.

As I read and scan I am constantly asking myself the question “how could I use this or do it better?” As I comment I keep a copy of Microsoft OneNote open and I record my ideas here until I have time to expand upon them further.

OneNote also allows me to add screen grabs to my ideas file and this is the MAIN reason I am NEVER without a long list of good ideas to work upon, or articles to write. This is such a rich hunting ground that sometimes I will spend MORE TIME recording ideas than I will in writing the comments.

It develops your short copy writing skills

It is important to know how to craft a short succinct and hard hitting message or headline and I can’t think of anything better than writing comments to develop this valuable skill.

Something worth doing is worth doing WELL!

If you decide to use this method to promote your website and drive targeted traffic, then use it correctly and after a few weeks you will begin to reap the rewards of your labours. For that reason below are a few of the more important do’s and don’ts of blog commenting.

Give value and genuine compliments…

As you begin commenting you will see that many others also recognise this as a good method of getting high PR back links but soon become bored with the process and start to cheat.

You can spot them a mile off as they will write very generic comment such as: “a great article! …thanks” or “I really enjoyed this!” and as you can image such comments have little chance of working or sticking!

Most blogs are moderated and are likely to get HUNDREDS of comments most of which will be of very poor quality or spam and this is your opportunity to shine. The moderator of serious blogs will be looking for genuine comments to build social proof and conversation rather than one way self-serving back-links. So if you take the time to write a good meaningful value generating comment it will likely be accepted by the moderator.

The exception to this rule is if the moderator identifies you as possible opposition looking for a share of the potential profits, and does not want to run the chance of losing custom to you.

ALWAYS read the article…

You can’t write a quality comment on any article until you know what it is about so you will have to either read or scan it. As I comment most days I have developed the skill of scanning the article and this gives me the BIG PICTURE of what the article is about. Most articles, although written on one specific subject often cover a number points and you only need to address one of them.

I always try to find a point where I can agree with the author and add to their article rather than EVER disagreeing with them which is more likely to get my comment deleted. Never aim to OUT DO the article author in any way by showing just how clever you are, but by contrast make them look good and thank them for their insights.

How LONG does your comment need to be?

Well apart from your name, email address and the website or page you wish to promote and gain the back-link for it can be quite short. Probably the best way of illustrating this is by writing a comment as if this page was an article:

Hi Kevin,

I have been blog commenting for a number of months now and am starting to see the pages which I am promoting are gaining a high Google SERP listing and I am also getting dramatic increases in my organic visitors, and as a result sales. I also totally agree with you that commenting is a great way of generating ideas if your take the time to record them for future use.

Thanks for such an insightful article…

Kind regards


Its bum kissing I know, but MOST moderators would be mad not to accept such glowing comments to one of their articles. This example is probably a little bit on the long side but don’t be cheap because quality links will often go on rewarding you for many years to come. When you gain experience you will be able to write such article in just a minute or so with the confidence that the majority will stick and gain you another valuable back link!

Address the blog author by name whenever possible…

As I have already mentioned I always scan the article let me add that the first thing which I am looking for is the author’s name that may be displayed at the top or bottom of the article. If I find one I use it to begin the comment as this is certain proof that you had at least scanned their article. Not only that but a person’s name is important to them so spell it correctly and ALWAYS do them the courtesy of using a capital to start their name, Kevin NOT kevin.

Anyone who comments on my blog and addresses me as kevin  rather than Kevin is immediately deleted so please don’t make this mistake.

Turbo charging your blog comments…

Below are the most important aspects of blog commenting which are likely to double, treble or even quadruple the importance and link juice that Google gives to your comments, so use ALL of these simple techniques.

Google PR value…

This section would not be complete without mentioning Google’s PR page rank values as you will see them displayed in the software tools and applications which will find blogs for you to comment upon. Now don’t get too hung upon this but the PR value reflects the level of relevance and number of back-links pointing towards a particular website or page. Google PR runs from 0 – 10 and the higher the PR the greater the relevance and the better to get a back-link from, although generally the more difficult they are to obtain.

There is an exact formula but Google constantly adjust this algorithm to fine tune what it is trying to achieve so there is little point in examining it further other than to say that a PR5 is about 500 times more powerful and valuable to you than a PR1 so it would seem that it is better to source back-links from high PR websites.

However, for saying that if you only had back-links from PR5 sites it would look very unnatural to Google who may delegate your rank for that reason. So my advice would be to get a variety of PR links from PR 0 to as high as possible because the PR 0 of today could be a PR 5 tomorrow. Just be aware that you may need to pay more attention to comments you make on PR5 value websites.

Keep it relevant…

Google’s penguin update specifically deals with relevance so gone are the days where you could comment on a blog on dogs to get a relevant link back to a page on golf. However, you could for instance write a comment on a site on dogs discussing how you like to take your dog for a walk on the local golf course because that WOULD BE relevant.

My wife blog comments every day to promote one of her websites and her latest article was on the local Odeon cinema so she found a number of blogs to comment on which were directly related to “Odeon” and “Cinema”, I will show you how to do this shortly. There are also many other creative ways of linking two different keywords to make them relevant.

Link diversity…

It’s no good having all of your back-links from one website anymore because this was a back linking strategy from yesterday. Google wants you to have diversity and comment links from a WIDE VARIETY of different IP: addresses which means you will have to find lots of different blogs to comment upon. So once you have one or two links from one website the power of those links and the relevance they are given rapidly diminishes so move on to the next.

Get your KEYWORD in to the comment…

If you get the main keyword of your target page which you are promoting into your comments Google is likely to give it FAR MORE relevance than one which lacks that keyword. One of my wife’s sites main keyword is “Weston Super Mare” which is our local town and she searches out blog articles using the keyword Beach as this would have a lot of relevancy as Weston has lovely beaches. Then her comment may go like this:

Hi Sue,

Living in Weston Super Mare I also get lots of opportunity to walk my dog along the beach and agree with you there is no better way of getting daily exercise. Reading your article about the walks you and your dog Rex share together has brightened up my day.

Thanks you for an enjoyable read…

Kind regards

As a matter of interest we don’t have a dog and neither does my wife walk along the beach, but I tell you this so you can see much of the skill and success of blog commenting is in its poetic license.

Use a gravatar…

A gravatar is a small image or photograph which accompanies your article and is a must for the serious commenter as it will increase your number of comment approvals. It doesn’t have to be your picture, as you can have unlimited email addresses and associated gravitar’s. I have already written a comprehensive article on this subject that can be found at:

ALWAYS spell check your comment before publishing…

My spelling has always been bad although I would class myself as a proficient writer. Recognising my weakness I simply got others to spell check whatever I wrote for me and build this time and cost into the development process. Then a few years ago, and quite by accident, a specialist in the learning field who we made friends on a Spanish holiday diagnosed me as being Profoundly Dyslexic!

Now I am not saying that you won’t find any spelling or grammar mistakes in my writing. I hope if you do that it highlights the fact that I am just an AVERAGE person of AVERAGE intelligence and anyone can do what I have done, and perhaps do it a lot better than I can.

The ODD mistake is acceptable, but comments which are full of spelling and grammatical mistakes will discredit you so please make sure you eliminate such mistakes before publishing your comments.

Always PING your comments a few days later…

I don’t like to take chances but rather calculated risks, so I don’t want to run the chance of Google missing any of my comments so I give them a few days, generally a week for them to get approved and listed and then I ping all of the addresses I posted upon.

A ping is basically the term given to a method of alerting all of the important directories and search engines that there is new information at this address which they should investigate.

I collect my target blog address in advance as you will soon discover and then leave them on this list once I have placed a comment on the blog. Then after about a week I ping these URL’s using an online program you will find at:

All you have to do is copy and paste your list into the box provided, fill in the keyword and complete the captcha and you are done! It really is that simple to use and really does make a difference so please don’t miss out this simple and essential step!

Be consistent!

Apart from the tools and software which will help you that I have left until last, that is about all you need to know about blog commenting except for the most important point of all for ongoing success and that is be consistent.

It is far better to make 10 comments a day than 100 at the weekend. Google loves consistency as it is far more natural and that is what they are looking for.

The more commenting you do the better and faster you will become and the easier it will seem to be also!

Tools which will help!

The first is called Instant Back Link Magic and is my choice of software to find blogs to comment upon. You simply type in the keyword which you want to search upon (something relevant) and off this tool goes and it will find them for you.

It then groups them into articles which have been published in the last 7 days, and those which have been published in the last 24 hours. It finds really fresh articles which Google likes and you may be the first comment upon them which is also a bonus especially when I comes to getting people to follow the link and visit your website. The first comment is going to be the one which is likely to gain most attention from visitors and blog moderator alike.

However, what I like best about this tool is that I can select ONLY articles which it checks and confirms that I can write a comment upon saving me lots of time. In fact, this lovely bit of software has lots of other features which I am not going to tell you about as it is constantly been upgraded and so what I tell you about it today will probably be outdated in few months from now.

You can read more about the latest version of this software at:

It presently costs $47 which is VERY INEXPENSIVE when compared to the time saving benefits it provides for you and the UNLIMITED NUMBER of HIGH PR blogs that it will find for you to comment upon.

Next are a couple of valuable tools which are presently FREE!

Comment Hut

Another valuable application that will find you LOTS of blogs to comment upon.

I used the professional version of ‘Comment Hut’ for some time until I discover ‘Instant Backlink Magic’ which I find far better. However, ‘Comment Hut’ produce a lite version which they give away completely free of charge and if you are on a budget restriction this will do you just fine to get started with and it can be downloaded from:

Last Pass

I love my work, but I also like to make it as simple and as easy to complete as possible. Now the challenge with blog commenting can be there is much repetitive information which needs to be completed on each and EVERY blog upon which you comment and this is where ‘Last Pass’ will do all of the repetitive grunt work for you.

Once set up you can program ‘Last Pass’ to fill in all of your forms for you so when you find a blog on which you wish to comment you write your comment and then with a click of your mouse ‘Last Pass’ will compete your Name, email address, and website (your target link) for you.

What I like about ‘Last Pass’ is it sits patiently waiting for me to use it in my browser of choice which is at this time ‘Firefox’ although this could change in the future.

As you can see to operate it all I need do is open it and select the ‘Fill Forms’ option, then one of the profiles of which you can have as many as you desire, the ‘Fill Forms’ option and it will complete your comment form for you.

You can download this free application from:

Finally, please consider this…

Blog commenting is not an immediate fix to driving traffic to your website.

However, as you can see it has MANY associated benefits which I have highlighted in this tutorial. My time is valuable to me and if I could not see the value it offers I would not have developed this tutorial.

I now have many pages and websites which I have positioned to the number one Google position for my desired keyword which has ALL been achieved through blog commenting. If I had to pay for the same ongoing flow of traffic it would cost me thousands of pounds a week to do so.

Whereas my comments have achieved me the enviable position of gaining approximately 40% of all of the Google traffic for my chosen keywords. What’s more, they will go on providing me the same level of traffic for many years to come without cost. In addition to comment most days myself I commit approximately 20% of what it would cost to drive the same level of paid traffic to get other to write quality comments for me so I continue to develop new high traffic pages.

Please take this valuable method seriously!