EVERYONE has ideas!
But only an ELITE few bring their ideas to fruition.
Core Skills
The Idea Genration Process

As simple as painting by numbers…

“When you have a process to follow finding QUALITY IDEAS which have the potential to become QUALITY products and services is really quite a simple ongoing process!”

…start it today and soon it will develop into a habit!

Finding product development ideas is more about having a positive and inquiring Mindset than anything else! If you expect to find some good ideas and potential you probably will. Finding ideas is an ONGOING process and ideas may come to you at the strangest times, so be prepared to capture and record them because they may only stay in your mind for a few seconds before disappearing forever.

Keep handy a pen and paper, or if you are really serious invest into a digital dictaphone and carry it with you everywhere. Then transfer your ideas to this list later and elaborate and expand upon them as regularly as you can.

Your ideas list will become your greatest resource and source of inspiration. An interesting point to remember is that good ideas will generate other good and even BETTER ideas, so get into the habit of working on your ideas on a regular basis and get passionate about the process. This simple habit will take your creative thinking up to the next level and your subconscious mind will start working overtime for you.

When you know how to look you will find idea inspiration around you every day in your daily life in adverts, in the media, what people are talking about etc. Stay open minded to ALL possibilities and DON’T dismiss anything to begin with. Start to think outside the box of your normal thinking process and ask yourself questions as this has everything to do with generating momentum in your thinking process.

Question examples:

  • How could I do that?
  • How could I improve on it?
  • What would need to happen to make it irresistible to prospects?
  • What makes this work and why are prospects drawn to it?

You will be amazed at the answers and ideas you will come up with. The more difficult the questions you ask yourself the more you will think and get into the habit of asking quality questions which will develop quality answers. Then soon you will have ideas, in fact, GREAT ideas coming out of your ears.

Ask others…

Who better to ask than those you aim to sell to? No one ever asks enough questions! If you know what people want all you have to do is work out a way of giving it to them.

Question examples:

  • What is your biggest worry?
  • What is your biggest fear?
  • If you could have anything what would you wish for first?
  • WHY?
  • If I could grant you three wishes what would they be
  • WHY?

You see you want to get into their Mindset and understand their motivations and their problems.

Everyone is looking for an opportunity and they are looking in the wrong places. Just look for problems, frustrations and challenges as everyone holds the seeds of GREAT opportunity. You will find no shortage of challenges and frustrations and others will gladly and openly share their problems with you.

This is without doubt your greatest source and opportunity for helping others and becoming wealthy at the same time.

Become a problem solver!

Just remember finding GOOD ideas is not difficult, seriously! …everyone has them! The REAL skill is in exploring that idea and opening it out and eventually knowing everything you need to know. Then turning that idea into a money making process. Only an elite few have the stamina to do this and if you are one of them you can look forward to a most enjoyable lifestyle where the World will become your oyster!