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Articles are a great means of driving an ONGOING flow of qualified prospects and targeted traffic to your website.
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Article Marketing

Do it yourself, or outsource the whole process…

“A great Technique for driving volumes of QUALIFIED prospects to your website and getting QUALITY high PR back links to position you in the Google SERP’s!”

… you can make ARTICLE MARKETING work with either little or no budget!

Wiki definition

Article marketing is a type of advertising in which businesses write short articles related to their respective industry. These articles are made available for free distribution and publication in the marketplace.

Each article has a bio box and by-line (collectively known as the resource box) that include references and contact information for the author’s business. Well-written content articles released for free distribution have the potential to increase the business credibility within its market. Also it helps in attracting new clients. These articles are often syndicated by other websites, and published on multiple websites.

Here is an example…


Here is a screen grab of part of an article I wrote some time ago which will give you a better idea of what article marketing is about.

This is just part of the article which you can read in full at: http://ezinearticles.com/?Great-Internet-Marketing-Advice-for-Long-Term-Success&id=5184654 if you wish.

I can‘t tell you how many visitors or profit this article generated, but I do know that it has been reprinted on 48 other websites providing me with 96 back-links which is a fantastic result for half an hour’s work.

Writing articles is also a great method for establishing yourself as an expert in the market place of your choice.

Why article marketing?

As you start to develop your website or websites you will need a way of promoting them and more importantly getting back links for them to rank highly in the Google SERP’s. Article marketing is an ideal way of doing this because done correctly you can gain literally several of hundred quality back links for every article which you write, as well as driving volumes of targeted traffic and establishing you an authority in your subject.

If you are more interested in driving targeted traffic then you may want to publish your article in the top article directories such as eZine articles at www.ezinearticles.com and go articles at: www.goarticles.com etc. For convenience I have provided a short list at the bottom of this article. These are high PR sites and attract THOUSANDS of readers and publishers. If they like your article they will certainly look for others which you have written and also possibly visit your blogs and websites resulting in sales.

However, if you are more interested in getting back links to boost your Google search rankings I would suggest you use a tool called ‘Unique Article Wizard’ at: www.uniquearticlewizard.com which will  spin and  publish your now SEMI-UNIQUE ARTICLE, sometimes to as many as 1,000 different article directories and blogs.

Tell me more!

First I need to explain what spinning is.

Article spinning is the name given to a method for generating SEMI-UNIQUE ARTICLES and I will show you how it works in just a moment. You see, Google doesn’t like DUPLICATE CONTENT; in fact, it very often will index the first unique copy which they find, and then TOTALLY DISREGARD and remove from its listings all duplicates that it later discovers although the backlinks still qualify. So by spinning an article you are in fact making a MAINLY unique version of the same article, certainly UNIQUE ENOUGH that Google publishes them and you get the associated benefits.

Back to spinning…

Let’s imagine that one of your article sentences was “it was a very hot day in March” now I could have written this sentence using different words to describe the same day, and that’s basically what spinning does. To be more specific if I use the curly brackets { | } separated by pipe characters the software will spin your article automatically if you provide it with the alternative wording. It will use the first variation of that word in the first article variation, and the second variation in the second article, and so on.

For instance {very |extremely} I hope this makes sense to you because by using the curly brackets and pipe divide you can include AS MANY VARIATIONS as you wish so our sentence could quite easily look like this: “it was a {very |extremely} {hot| warm} day in {March |spring| early spring}” if you’re a mathematician you already realise that we now have 12 variations of this sentence 2x2x3=12.

So let’s imagine now that you have written an article with a title and 10 paragraphs and you spun every sentence. As you can see you would soon have thousands of semi-unique articles being published to new article directories and webpages. Even if these don’t ALL get republished you will generally STILL end up with several hundred back links for every article which you write.

Now that you know how spinning works, let me tell you that if I am using UAW I generally only spin the title and the resources box and that I can complete this task in just ten minutes or so.

Even better!

The reason I mention 10 paragraphs is this is what UAW ‘Unique Article Wizard’ request from you, three articles on the same topic with a minimum of 10 paragraphs each. This is not so difficult to write as you simply write your first article, and then once you have finished look at each paragraph which you have written and rewrite it using different words. So you end up with three articles with the same number of paragraphs that say the same thing in different words.

This is called natural spinning!

So UAW spins a unique article from the three which you have provided for it. Let’s do the sums, if you write an article with 10 paragraphs and you have three unique versions: 10x10x10 = 1,000 unique or semi unique article which it will publish for you. Can you see why this technique is so powerful? If you can also write 10 to 20 headlines which are all different and then take the time to spin them you will get great results!

This is a VERY POWERFUL back linking strategy which you may want to use. The best thing about ‘Unique Article Wizard’ is that you can put the whole process on automated if you wish. You have the option to get UAW to write and publish your articles for you, all you have to do is tell them the keywords which you want to use and they will do the rest while you use your time more effectively.

You can discover more about ‘Unique Article Wizard’ by visiting: www.uniquearticlewizard.com

You can discover more about the best spinning tool I have found so far which is also called ‘the best spinner’ by visiting: www.thebestspinner.com

Some people have become experts at this technique…

I know a few people who ONLY DO article marketing to promote their products and services and get back links to their websites because they find it so productive. Some authors have thousands of articles published and have generated a small following of readers who NOT ONLY seek out every new article they write; but also regularly visit their websites and blogs and presumably purchase their products and services as well as following their AdSense and affiliate links generating them ongoing income.

Bum marketing…

Not the greatest name in the world but for some people it works REALLY WELL.

Bum marketing refers to the individual who uses article marketing to promote their affiliate products and services! They don’t have a website at all, but rather direct readers directly to the affiliate offers which they are promoting. There are some INDIVIDUALS who specialise in this method who generate STATELY PROFITS and ongoing income from doing so. Remember that I told you that you can make Internet marketing a profitable proposition on any budget, even NO BUDGET at all? …this is one of those methods.

How to write your article…

Quality content always wins, and although it takes practice to write excellent content there is a recipe, and a number of simple rules to follow which get results which I would like to share with you. I have already written a tutorial on copywriting, so rather than repeating myself please click here to discover more! .

How long does your article need to be?

If you’re writing for article directories most will have guidelines which you need to read first as they could differ from one another. However, as a rule of thumb I would never write an article under 400 words in length, and try to keep it a MAXIMUM of 700 words. If my article started to become a really long one and in excess of 700 words I would simply break it up into a series of articles which of course would serve the same purpose.


I really enjoy writing articles, but over the last few months haven’t found the time to do so. For that reason I get most of my articles outsourced and written for me. I have used a variety of individuals to write them in the past and some have cost me as little as one dollar each to get written which was a complete WASTE OF TIME.

The quality was REALLY POOR and they had obviously been written by someone who only uses English as a second language, or more likely they were translated to English by a piece of software. The time it took me to correct them and bring them to my required MINIMUM standard was really not worth the effort as I could have written HIGH QUALITY original content in virtually the same time.

Cheap is not always best!

If I was going to write an article for primarily driving traffic I think I would definitely write the article myself and make a really good job of it, and I suggest that you would do the same because at this point the quality of article you require would become financially prohibitive to have it outsourced.

However, if it was simply for generating back links I would not be so fussy, and a really good service that I am happy to recommend to you, as they write many of my articles for me, can be found at ‘Get Articles Done’ at: www.getarticlesdone.com

They are inexpensive and their material is of a DECENT quality for immediate use, although they don’t always arrive in the time frame which they promise! They will write single articles or UAW ready articles of the length you desire.

The most important bit of all…

After choosing your keyword carefully I would suggest that you start crafting the headline.

The headline will be the first thing readers will see and is USUALLY the determining factor whether they will read your article or not. So, you have to get this bit RIGHT FIRST TIME! I would suggest you start by studying article headlines, AS MANY of them as POSSIBLE, and then writing AT LEAST twenty or so to get your creative juices flowing, more if you can an include your keyword. ALWAYS do this first, and before you start writing your article because a good headline will drive the way in which you write your article.

Writing these additional headlines is not a waste because if you are using ‘Unique Article Wizard’ you will be able to use all of the best headlines, as well as spinning them to generate semi-unique articles.

Body copy…

I have got into the habit of writing approximately 10 – 12 paragraphs, and I suggest that you do the same. You only need to sprinkle your keyword throughout your article, if you KEYWORD STUFF the article it may get banned or ignored by search engines for that reason. If you use UAW they will certainly inform you if you have used TOO MANY keywords and will refuse to publish it until you have reduced the percentage.

Your resource box…

Again, you may be restricted on the number of characters which you can use in your resource box, and also the number of hyperlinks you can insert, it’s usually two although some article directories will only allow you one, and others will give you three!

If you have written a good article now is the time to reap the reward by writing a benefit driven resource box, not to salesy, but written to raise curiosity and interest of readers and encourage them to follow the link to your website.

Your keyword needs to be your ANCHOR TEXT and hyperlink, although if you have two they can link to different destinations. It sort of gives you two bites of the cherry so to speak as you can link one back to the page you are promoting which has been SEO optimised for the same keyword as your ANCHOR TEXT link, and the second to another page you want to get a top ranking for.

So how do you track your articles?

Included in every article which you publish will be the author’s name which is searchable.

The way I do it is to give each new article a UNIQUE AUTHOR NAME such as: “Antony T Higgs” which has no searches or indexes in Google at this present time. Then once the article has been published I can search on this phrase to see just how many times my article appears in the Google listings.

Let me explain what I mean, if you were to copy and paste the name “Antony T Higgs” into Google maintaining its inverted commas, and then search for this phrase it would not return any search results.

Let me show you how I found this name!

I often search for unusual spellings of names, and as you can see both have been highlighted as potential spelling mistakes. ALWAYS surround them with inverted commas which are basically telling Google to search for this specific key phrase combination.

As you can see, this resulted in 21,400 listings being found which is no good at all for our purpose, we need a virgin author name with no searches found for it.


I added an extra G to the surname and searched again and the number of results immediately dropped to 4,120, so I then inserted the middle name initial T and found that there was no one with this name in the Google Serps. It’s simple to find unique author names using this process.



An effective process for writing articles!

The reason I wanted to include my own personal method for writing articles in this section is because you will probably want to include your article on your own blog or website, which is a good idea because lots of new pages and articles will keep Google returning regularly to see what has been published.

However, there are two points which I would like you to give a little consideration to.

FIRST: personally, I don’t want simple articles printed on my website or blog. By contrast I want QUALITY material which is written in my own style and gives lots of value to readers. So this is the method I use. I first write my article with approximately 10 paragraphs as I have already stated and once I have done that along with the headlines and resource box I copy and paste the body copy of the article to a new file.

I have my article ready for publishing, and can now work on improving the copy for my website or blog. I have no restriction on length of copy or the number of paragraphs which I will write. I simply turn this into the VERY BEST new page or article that I can, one which I am proud as it is NOW UNIQUE from the article I’m about to get published so there is no chance I will get slapped (punished) by Google for publishing duplicate content. I also include graphics and video on the same page and you’d be hard pushed to recognise that the original article is the ancestor of the finished product.

Unique article Wizard

I do exactly the same if I am writing articles for UAW, I write my original article and copy and paste one which I will improve for my website, and then make the two duplicates for natural spinning and distribution by UAW.

The whole process usually takes me a couple of hours to achieve, but the result is I have a high quality article for my website, and a good article for natural spinning through UAW which results in lots of back links and visitors. Attention to detail is always worth it!

Action plan

  • Study top listed articles – search your keyword in Google and see which articles get listed first. This is an ongoing process, and very often even at this point I learn something new from the Guru Article writers, so keep studying!
  • Evaluate what makes them popular – I very often reverse engineer other people’s articles to discover the elements that make them work so well and keep them popular with readers. This is a SMART action because there is no point being a pioneer when there is someone else’s work to HIGHLIGHT how to be successful.
  • Get into the habit of writing new articles on a regular basis – this is probably the hardest habit of all to develop because most people find that writing new articles is a long process. Like most things that you try for the first time it will take far longer than the second or third time around. However, for those people who stick at it, like me, will find that they can eventually write quality articles in just 20 min to half-hour, so your perseverance will be rewarded.
  •  Monitor your results –  it is always good to see how well your articles are doing especially if you are using UAW, because some articles will get published FAR MORE than others and you need to know WHAT IT IS that you did different that made them extra popular.

High PR article directories…

Finally, below is a short list of high PR article directories where you may want to publish your articles.