Core Skills

There is a process to finding quality ideas but this is just the beginning of the process. The real skill is in making them happen and breathing life into your projects and this is the skills and motivation you will gain from the Fast Track membership.

Failing to test is like driving on the motorway wearing a blindfold. Testing that there is a market for your product or service in advance of you going into development is crucial. In fact, only an idiot would start wasting their time and energy on developing anything you can’t prove there is a cash in hand market for.

SEO which is short for (Search Engine Optimisation) is a core skill in Internet Marketing and if done correctly and consistently can be responsible for driving ONGOING flow of targeted prospects to your web site or blog. If you are short on marketing budget this will be a skill which you want to master and implement as part of your traffic driving campaign.

Swipe Files

If you really enjoy work there is nothing stopping you from starting every new project or article with a blank canvas. However, if you want to get a jumpstart on yourself you will soon discover that the development of swipe files on a variety of relevant subject is a SMART habit to develop.

Page Layout

If it looks good and reads well your chances of making a sale will go up. There is nothing difficult about writing good copy if you are focused on your outcome, making it easy and attractive to read is even easier.

Writing Killer Copy

A plain page with good copy will out-pull a well presented page of poorly written copy EVERY TIME! Your copy and content is the most important thing your will create and generally be the deciding factor between making sales and being unprofitable.

It’s a very simple equation, to generate profits you need traffic. In fact, you need targeted and qualified traffic who are interested and ready to buy what you have to offer. The more target traffic you can attract the higher your profits will also be so this will be the most important aspect of generating online profits.

Don’t make it difficult for yourself! Here are a few methods which if used are likely to turbo charge your sales conversion rate so study them and test them to see what works best for you.