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Entrepreneurs guide to ONGOING Internet related profits…

To be successful in Internet marketing one of the first major changes which you need to implement is to start thinking like an entrepreneur; in fact, you should begin THINKING of yourself as an ENTREPRENEUR immediately!

This entrepreneur’s guide will highlight the difference in thinking between entrepreneurs and most other individuals. Anyone can become a HIGHLY successful entrepreneur and it always starts with the way in which you think. Now I am going to take it for granted that you already know what you want and have written some HIGHLY FOCUSED goals and objectives down on paper which you are now working towards.

Entrepreneurs Guide: Suggestion One


The way you think, your mindset will be a huge factor when it comes to your levels of success as an entrepreneur, and in fact in ANYTHING you attempt in life. So let’s get started by examining the mind tools which you already have and were installed at your birth, and how you should use them.

Entrepreneurs Guide: Suggestion Two


If you have a strong self belief system in yourself and what you are doing, then you already are 90% of the way to success, SERIOUSLY! To HIGHLIGHT this fact I would like to quote you one of my favourite saying from the late great ‘Henry Ford’ which will put things into perspective for you, it goes like this:

“Whether you believe you can, or whether you believe you can’t, you will be right!”

It’s REALLY hard to get this simple message wrong.

Here is a little test you can conduct at any time which will reduce your failure rate and DRAMATICALLY increase your probability of success. Let us imagine that you were about to start working on a new project. On a mental scale of 1 to 10 ask yourself what level of belief that you can be successful in completing this task you are at? If it is less than a level eight you SERIOUSLY shouldn’t do it!

You shouldn’t even ATTEMPT doing it until you can raise the level of your believe in you and success in this particular project to AT LEAST a 9 or higher. Ignore this simple wisdom and I can almost guarantee you that you will fail miserably in your attempt because you won’t be correctly mentally prepared. Can you see just HOW IMPORTANT believing you can do something really is.

To help you raise your belief system you will find that using affirmations will do EVERYTHING to help you build strong beliefs if you use them regularly and consistently. You don’t have to say these affirmations and loud, but rather in the privacy of your own mind which means you can do than just about anywhere. Just remember to say them with 100% CONVICTION and after a while the magic will start to happen for you.

For instance, if you wanted to become a successful Internet marketer, but didn’t yet have a high enough belief in yourself, you should write out one or two positive affirmations such as:

‘I am becoming an effective and profitable Internet marketer’


‘Every day I grow and learn, and really enjoy becoming successful!’

In the privacy of your mind KEEP ON repeating these affirmations over and over again, and save them with ENTHUSIASM and a smile on your face. The more that you repeat them, the more you will believe them and your chances of success.

Entrepreneurs Guide: Suggestion Three


following on from the previous heading, your attitude, and having a POSITIVE one is CRITICALLY important. Be careful of your language both internally and what you say to others.

If you’re fond of saying that you will TRY to do something, drop the TRY immediately! Instead say that you WILL DO something, or that you WILL give it 100% effort, but remove the TRY forever. Click here to read another article I wrote on this subject. Do this and you will soon notice people’s attitude towards you changing for the better, you see everyone loves an ‘I CAN’ ‘WILL DO’ absolutely ‘NO PROBLEM’ person because there positiveness is ADDICTIVE and HIGHLY infectious.

To take this one step further, whenever possible say YES ‘I can’ and be very careful about saying NO. In fact, you should think about altering your language so you can decline opportunities without causing offense or saying NO. The reason for this is simple and quite obvious, YES is a positive statement, where as no is a NEGATIVE one and should be avoided WHENEVER possible.

Entrepreneurs Guide: Suggestion Four


This in my opinion is one of the most important ASPECTS of being an entrepreneur.

Every day I spend AT LEAST a little time planning and updating my plans for the future and this gives me a strong clarity of focus on my goals and objectives. This time is HIGHLY CREATIVE and probably the most productive part of my day. It means that I always have plans and projects which are advancing.

When I’m considering starting a new project I allow myself LOTS of lead time. On some occasions, 3 to 6 months, sometimes EVEN MORE. I start by writing everything down because I believe that the bluntest pencil is far more effective than the VERY sharpest mind! When you get into a CREATIVE FLOW you will have MANY really productive ideas which come to you in a flash, and then leave you again just as quickly. Unless of course you capture them by committing them to ink, so get into the habit of writing everything down or use and carry a digital Dictaphone with you as I do.

Eventually, my ideas and plans arrive at the point where they are ready for the next stage of development, and are ready to be acted upon. This natural progression planning means I VERY RARELY have to start with a blank sheet. But rather an idea, or a thought, or even an inspiration which I let unfold naturally and develop by working on it regularly.

Having daily planning sessions allows me to do this, and along with being productive it is also a REALLY FUN session which I very much look forward to. Whenever possible I spend approximately an hour a day in planning at the start of the day when I am most productive.

Remember this: NO ONE ever plans to fail, but most unsuccessful individuals FAIL TO PLAN! And this is a BIG factor in the actions which separates successful individuals from those who are left standing at the starting gate.

It is easy to remember the 6P’s which is an abbreviation is for:

‘Proper Planning Prevents Particularly Poor Performance!’

Entrepreneurs Guide: Suggestion Five


When you get into the habit of expecting the best, a strange thing starts to happen! …you usually get it. You have probably heard it said that the difference between an optimist and a pessimist is this. An optimist always says that my glass is HALF FULL while the pessimist will ALWAYS say mind is HALF EMPTY.

When you have a positive mind you will find an opportunity waiting patiently for you in every challenge or problem, where a pessimist will find a problem or challenge every opportunity and that’s why they don’t get anything done.

Entrepreneurs Guide: Suggestion Six


…and then stick with them

Most people are very quick to make very HALF-HEARTED and impulsive decisions, and that’s why they give them up so quickly and easily. They jump from project to project and as dexterously as a monkey swinging between trees. They give little or no consideration to the full ramifications or implications of the idea or project they have just landed upon, and usually when it doesn’t return the INSTANT GRATIFICATION results which they were looking for, they leap again!

…do you know ANYONE like this?

By contrast, successful individuals and entrepreneurs generally tend to go through the planning stages already mentioned above, and they tend to look at ideas with an EXCEPTIONALLY critical eye, and look carefully at all the ramifications involved. Then when they are in FULL possession of all of the facts, they make their decision if this is going to be a WISE CHOICE for them or not. They know the TRUE VALUE of INVESTING TIME into careful and thorough research, then once they have made their decision they stick with it like superglue. Strong decision-making is the trademark of the entrepreneur and of every successful individual who I have ever met.

Entrepreneurs Guide: Suggestion Seven


Consistency is one of the most POWERFUL and ESSENTIAL elements in becoming an entrepreneur and being a successful achiever in life.

Now for this analogy let’s imagine that you had never played any musical instrument before in your life. Under these circumstances, if I were to give you a piano today, would you realistically expect to come back and play a piece by Beethoven to me tomorrow? …of course not! My 12 year old daughter Lele has now been playing the piano for five years and is becoming REALLY very good. However, to reach this point every morning and evening she practices for half an hour consistently WITHOUT fail, and there is the simple SECRET of her success.

It’s EXACTLY the same with anything which you want to achieve in your life, you HAVE TO BE consistent and sometimes over extended periods of time. Internet marketing is another great example; if you want to drive qualified traffic to your website you may consider maintaining a blog and writing articles such as this one.

Now if you decide to write just one or two articles every three months or so, the chances of you getting tons of highly qualified prospects to your website is SLIM to none. However, if you are prepared to do a little research, get behind it 101% and have fun with it, write three or four articles every week WITHOUT fail, and at the end of each day commenting on somebody else’s blog and take the time to make a NICE COMMENTS. By the end of the year it is HIGHLY likely that you will have 200 plus QUALITY articles and thousands of back links and comments to your blog.

Such consistency is likely to get you VERY HIGHLY ranked in the search engines and because of the social proof of the comments you have received you could be getting THOUSANDS of unique targeted visitors every week which could be monetised and worth a small fortune in ONGOING PROFITS if handled correctly!

Entrepreneurs Guide: Suggestion Eight


Having a strong work ethic are essential elements of any business especially in the INITIAL STAGES when you are working to getting it off the ground. Nowadays I work maybe six or seven hours a day ONLY because I enjoy doing so, however if I wanted to I could probably keep my business turning over a VERY HEALTHY profit in just an hour or so each day. But in the initial stages I had to give it EVERYTHING I could spare to make it fly, and it will be the same for you.

In fact, starting ANY NEW enterprise is a little like piloting a small plane. You see, there is only one way of getting your light aircraft into the sky and that is by placing it at the end of the runway, turning it into the wind to get a bit of draft under the wings, and then giving it FULL THROTTLE. Quarter or half throttle WILL NOT get you off the ground, only FULL THROTTLE will do it for you! However, when you’ve reached your desired altitude you can throttle back to three-quarter throttle, or perhaps even half throttle, and is remain aloft without losing altitude. Full throttle is only required for the initial takeoff, and it’s the same with any new business.

Entrepreneurs Guide: Suggestion Nine


Its always the best way. I have to admit from 30 years of past experience I that I have always been guilty of OVER complicating things, and making it more difficult than it needed to be for myself. However, after all this time I now realise that SIMPLE ALWAYS works best and that you do not have to have the BEST or most POWERFUL TOOLS and software to help you become an expert on whatever it is that you’re doing.

The best way to become a successful entrepreneur is to improve and innovate ANYTHING. There is no need to be a pioneer, because pioneers get arrows in the back and die from their wounds.

Diligent research is FUNDAMENTAL for success…

Simply ask yourself what is already working? …and what is already selling well? You’ll have to be prepared to spend time in research and in keeping records as well as watching these markets VERY carefully. After a while you will start to understand things and get a feel for what is happening and how you can become involved. Then ask yourself HOW can you improve upon it, whatever it is? …how can you do it DIFFERENTLY? …how can you do it BETTER?

Don’t expect to come up with instant answers, remember back to the planning section earlier in this article. However if you really want to work in this way start by asking yourself lots of SMART questions, because there is ALWAYS a way, there is ALWAYS an answer, with usually more than one are! All you have to do is find them.

Entrepreneurs Guide: Suggestion Ten


I would like to reveal one attribute that ALL successful individuals and entrepreneurs share in common. That is that they INVEST HEAVILY into themselves and their financial future!

What I mean by this is that they are not afraid to keep upgrading their skill set and keep on learning new things. In fact, and by contrast they find it ESSENTIAL to do so! They constantly ask themselves what is it is that they need to know to advance? What is it that they would like to know? You should do the same and be prepared to commit a GOOD percentage your income to investing into your ongoing learning and updating of your skills. I’m sure you have heard the old saying: ‘The MORE you LEARN, the MORE you EARN!‘ …and it’s true!

Entrepreneurs Guide: Suggestion Eleven

Read and LEARN something new everyday…

Following on from the previous section try and learn something new which you can implement into your business EVERY DAY, remember be consistent. Books are a great source of learning as you can open them up and just DIVE into them at almost any time and almost anywhere and instantly start gaining some powerful new insights which may have taken the author years, or even a LIFETIME to master and put together. Don’t be afraid to highlight and Mark your books and make your own notes. Such highlights are the HIGHEST COMPLIMENT you can pay the author of the book because your notes and highlights prove that you are not so much reading their book as STUDYING it.

You can gain all the knowledge which the author wishes to share with you in a matter of just a few hours, and then revisit your highlights and notes in a fraction of the time as often as you wish.

However, not all books are good books, and some are COMPLETE RUBBISH and just rehashes of rehashes. If you read on a daily basis you will soon learn to distinguish between what is a good book which will ADD VALUE to your life, from a bad one which will simply wasting your time. Just think of books as teachers who are there to help you advance and succeed in your own life, just as long as you implement what you learn.

I usually do a little reading each day in the morning and start with something on positive thinking for about 10 and 15 minutes, and then later in the day I spend 30 minutes to an hour reading books in my own area of expertise, or something that will go on improving my knowledge and skill set. Remember, all knowledge must end in action, so ALWAYS implemented your new knowledge just as soon as possible.

Please remember this:

‘The man who can read but doesn’t is no better off than the man who can’t read at all!’

Entrepreneurs Guide: Suggestion Tweleve

ALWAYS ‘Do what you say you’ll do, when you say you’ll do it!’

Sounds amazingly simple doesn’t it? But how many people do you know or can think of who do ACTUALLY get round to doing what they say that will do? I can tell you very few people, DO YOU?

This is why just doing what you say you will do will make you STAND OUT from the crowd and put you LIGHT YEARS ahead of your perceived competition. As for the second part of this statement ‘when you say you’ll do it!’ It’s all about being truthful to yourself and true to other people. Let’s face it, NO ONE likes being let down, and doing so is the fastest way of getting yourself a negative label which can take a lot of getting rid of.

Entrepreneurs Guide: Suggestion Thirteen


It’s amazing how my people read articles and information such as this and even leave comments praising you for writing it and identifying STRONGLY with you and then doing NOTHING MORE!

Just knowing how to do something and having the knowledge to achieve it is only half the equation! I just love the old saying that reminds us that when you’re praying you have two remember to move your feet. If you’re a Christian, Jew or Muslim there is another saying from the old Testament which goes like this: God helps those that help themselves. Basically translated it means you must TAKE ACTION and not just HOPE because NO ONE is going to do it for you!

If you take consistent positive and smart action every day, not too far into the future, one day you will look back over your shoulder to find out you have become successful and probably wealthy at the same time!

Entrepreneurs Guide: Suggestion Fourteen

Getting a MENTOR to guide you is a smart action!

Finally for this chapter, and probably the MOST IMPORTANT message of all is this, get yourself a mentor or a coach! Someone qualified to help you through your difficult early period of development where 95% of all would-be Internet marketers fail and lose money. Yes, I am a mentor, and this is how I bring people to my site by writing articles. I give you UPFRONT value first, and then I tell you what I do and how I can help you become profitable in a FAR shorter time than you will ever do it alone…

I Recommend!

You invest a little time investigating the ‘Fast Track’ to wealth membership program because the methods are tried, tested and proven to work and will provide you with a WIDE VARIETY of methods of establishing your own stream, or MULTIPLE STREAMS of ONGOING income.Click here to discover more...

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