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July 19, 2010 · 3 comments

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Your email unsubscribe link is what separates you from being a LEGITIMATE online marketer from a cheap SPAMMER!

Seriously your email unsubscribe link is REALLY that important and the reason I am telling you this is that this morning I hit the send button on a number of our email lists to dispatch a LAST MINUTE offer that I had managed to fit in for a friend who has an upcoming event in London. In my HAST I forgot to include the email unsubscribe link.

On this particular morning my wife wanted me to take her shopping to Bristol and like the good husband I always endeavor to be I happily obliged and decided to do a little  writing and people watching while she shopped, it’s a very amicable arrangement.

No sooner I arrived in Bristol and had started writing in a little shady café than I received a text telling me that I must contact my ISP IMMEDIATELY!.

The reason was soon made apparent and was due to the lack of my email unsubscribe link which on this occasion I had TOTALLY forgotten to include, WHAT an IDIOT I was to forget my own advise after so many years in the business!

Luckily for me I am on VERY good terms with my ISP and the situation was quickly resolved. However, for other individuals the lack of an email unsubscribe link could be a different story as we are coming to a time of ZERO spam tolerance.

Your email unsubscribe is your best friend when it comes to complaints of SPAMMING. You see, if you have large email list which you regularly dispatch emails to it not so much a question of IF you will get accused of spamming, as WHEN you get accused of it. It WILL happen, however, if your email includes an email unsubscribe link it make a STONG case in your favor and such complaints are usually dismissed.

The best way of making sure this never happens to you is to use an email auto responder which ALWAYS automatically includes your email unsubscribe link leaving you free to concentrate on generating VALUE and compelling copy for your readers.

Because I have so many lists I use 3 different email auto responders – List Mail Pro which requires YOU PERSONALLY to include the email unsubscribe link manually.

Or my two favorites, ESPECIALLY for BEGINNERS which are:


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Why not check them all out to see which on will be the most suitable for you…

Email unsubscribe…

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Amanda Louw July 19, 2010 at 7:19 pm

Hi Kevin, never realized that the email unsubscribe link is that important. We will definitely make sure that we always add it to our emails in our Wedding photography site. We are in the process of setting up Aweber so hopefully this will never be an issue.

Kevin Martyn July 19, 2010 at 8:03 pm

Thats great to hear Amanda.

Karen Goddard July 20, 2010 at 7:50 am

Well at least something good came of it inspired a blog and taught us all a lesson

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