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Creative thinking is an essential part of any successful business venture and best of all it doesn’t cost a penny to learn or master as it’s all about thinking right outside of the box and stretching the envelope just as much as you can.

Creative thinking is also about thinking big and if you feel comfortable with your idea you probably aren’t thinking BIG enough! However, when your idea or project starts to disturb you and keeps you awake at night then you are stretching your potential and using creative thinking correctly.

Often the most profitable business opportunities are sitting there right under our noses and patiently waiting for someone to start thinking BIG ENOUGH to recognise them and get behind them and it all starts with creative thinking, self-belief and being prepared to do what it takes to make it happen.

Problems are EVERYWHERE!

Creative thinking is about taking problems and challenges and finding solutions to them and this is exactly what one English company has recently started to do. It has taken three of the biggest problems our planet faces by the throat and is now turning arid desert green by desalinating seawater to grow a sustainable food source on land which can be used for nothing else and at the very same time leveraging the potential solar energy that the project has to offer.

They are directly addressing climate control problems and you can discover more about this project by clicking here…

It starts by asking yourself how!

There is no shortage of such problems needing to be solved and for those who do so they contain huge financial rewards. Even in these financially challenging times your best chance to build your wealth is by creative thinking and finding often simple solutions to pressing problems and challenges because there will ALWAYS be a market for them.

Nearly every successful business enterprise started with someone asking the question HOW!

How can I do that? Or how can I IMPROVE that?

Creative thinking is about find ideas that will work rather than just sticking with the poor alternatives which don’t. Cross pollinate ideas from other industries and ask yourself lots of ‘WHAT IF’ questions and don’t stop until you find a result and when you have found one immediately start searching for ways to improve it further.

Anyone can become a master of creative thinking and a problem solver and your new profession starts the moment you start thing of yourself as such. There is ALWAYS a way, in fact, there are always MANY WAYS and armed with this belief if you are persistent you will find one.

A great start would be to start identifying and make a detailed list of the problems that are around you and your family on a daily basis because this will start you thinking at a higher level. Think right outside of the box and you will find thousands of such problems and opportunities, then use creative thinking to find solutions to these problems.

Never let NOT KNOWING how to do something stop you from doing it and remember that every problem or challenge however small or large it may be contains the seeds of huge financial opportunity.

Creative thinking…


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