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I’m sure you have heard this same statement said 1000 times already as it is a well-used declaration for one very obvious reason, its true! Content really is King and if you plan on establishing your own stream or multiple streams of Internet related income you will need to either source good content, get someone to write it for you, or and a far better and fun method is to learn to write your own.

It’s not as hard as you think!

Start by writing a bullet list of the points and information that you want to share with your readers in your blog post or article and try to put these in order of priority. Remember that your content does not have to be long, often three or 400 words of quality content will be enough is time for most people is always of a premium. Remember content is King before quantity and often short and concise is best.

When you have worked out what you want to say in your article you’re ready to start writing it and don’t place any constraints upon yourself, remember your article will end up as long as it needs to be and if it’s a long article it can be broken down into a number of much shorter articles.

Keep it simple!

Simply write as you talk and a good technique that I always used when I first started writing was to find a picture of a friend and pin it in front of me as I wrote and I pretended that I was writing them a simple instructional letter.

Please don’t laugh; this very simple technique can produce some really amazing results. It certainly keeps your language simple and conversational which seems to work well in most situations, but especially when it comes to writing on the Internet.

Write in short sentences and short paragraphs to keep your content flowing and punchy as well as easy to read. Try to be descriptive and use words that create an image in the mind if your reader. If possible tell them a story. As a race we just love stories and some of the most successful presenters and sales people that I know are also the best storytellers you will ever meet.

Don’t be in a hurry!

A little technique which I would like to share with you is to write well in advance of yourself and what I mean by this is that I rarely publish what I write in the same day. I may start by writing an outline of bullet points and even write the article. However, I will then print it out and read it first thing the next day because at this point I always manage to dramatically improve what I want to say and share.

I may repeat this same process for the following couple of days until I get to the point where when I read my article. Whether it is a short punchy article or a longer Evergreen offering the content is King rule applies and I know for certain I have just written a quality article which will be appreciated by my readers and followers.

Get to enjoy writing!

I don’t like writing, or I am not good at writing are the two most common statements I hear from my students, and I usually reply that the reason that you don’t like writing is because you haven’t yet become good at it, and you haven’t yet become good at it because you haven’t put in the practice and done enough.

Writing quality content is a skill which can be quite rapidly assimilated by any person who has the desire to do so. It’s a simple recipe, the more you write the better you will become. Just follow the simple rules on this page and your writing will start to improve if you do lots of it.

Content is King and consistency is Queen!

Your objective should be to write regular articles and if you do this you will see them start to improve and when this happens you will start to build your own following and start to establish an income stream which will be unique to you.

Quality content will always be King and the will be no substitute…

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