New report gets MASSIVE conversion rate!

by Kevin Martyn on December 12, 2009

With proper planning results like this can be expectedon a regular basis!

Paul Elliott got it 100% right and hit the nail on the head when he predicted that CREDIBILITY is one of the biggest challenges small businesses owners and entrepreneurs face when it comes to attracting qualified new prospects and customers in general. Fortunately we have a “Really Simple Solution” to this huge problem so Paul wrote an engaging report we call the “Credibility Crisis”.

This is just the start!

We hadn’t planned to really launch it until after Christmas, but decided to start making it available to see what results it would bring, WOW! Yesterday we knew that this was converting at 18% which is EXCEPTIONALLY good. However, today when I visited aWeber, who manage our lists I discovered that we had received a 52.6% positive conversion in just 24 hours!

Actually, that’s not the end of the story as you can see from the screen grab we took of the statistics, when you calculate the UNIQUE DISPLAYS of this page the TRUE opt in rate for this report is 70.7%!

It’s still free and can be downloaded from:

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