Websites and other complimentary tools and software  

To activate any or all of your 5 inclusive web site hosting packages which we provide, you must purchase your URL (website Name) through the link provided. They are yours totally free of charge for 1 year from the commencement of your membership after which time there will be a small ongoing token charge to maintain your sites for as long as you wish. 

For obvious reasons pornography, or intentionally offensive material or topics will not be permitted and will be shut down without prior notification, as will those who indulge in spamming, or marketing practices which may be referred to as 'Grey Area' or 'Black Hat'. 

Please note: the tools and interface we provide are simple to use. For that reason we make available training videos with no other form of support. 

As part of your package we provide you with 12 months UNLIMITED access to a private membership area especially developed for PPS delegates. This will contain much support material such as video tutorials etc.