Being creative is a profitable skill anyone can learn

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Being creative…

…and developing your creative skills will positively change and benefit your life in many different ways if you only take the time to learn to do so. Being creative starts with the simple decision to become a creative person and then developing the right positive Mindset and most important of all simply getting on with it. Anyone can practice being creative and if you start by believing that you are, you will become so.

Affirmations can help…

Your subconscious mind is there to help you and is easily fooled into enthusiastically working for you. So begin by telling yourself, over and over again in the privacy of your mind that you are a creative person and say it with BELIEF AND CONVICTION as well as a smile on your face and you will probably find you get quite rapid results. What you are likely to notice first is that you become better at finding solutions to problems and challenges either you, or those around you are experiencing and this is likely to be your subconscious mind looking for and filtering relevant information for you.

The affirmation which I use that helped me in being creative is this: ‘The moment I turn my attention to solving a specific problem I come up with a solution, in fact, generally MANY SOLUTIONS!’ I have repeated this affirmation to myself thousands if not HUNDREDS of thousands of times and I do ALWAYS come up with solutions and believe I always will.

Keep an ideas journal…

Every time I get an idea I record it as quickly as I can.

The fact is that ideas or half an ideas come to me for a reason, and even though I may not immediately understand them my subconscious mind had a reason for dropping them into my mind so I record them for future use because sometime focus and clarity comes with a little patience. I firmly believe that this action affirms to my mind that I am listening carful to the feedback it provides for me and for that reason goes onto overtime being creative on my behalf.

Often such ideas are only with you for a few seconds before being permanently replaced by another thought or idea, for this reason it is important that you capture them immediately before they are lost, OFTEN FOREVER! I used to write them down, but now I carry a digital dictaphone with me and then transfer them to my ideas journal at the end of the day which is a POWERFUL ACTION in being creative and storing these ideas in your long term memory.

I read and update my creative ideas journal on a regular basis and of course this action tremendously helps me in being creative and as a result I am VERY outcome and solution focused. Often while reviewing my ideas I dramatically expand on those odd thoughts and ideas which I captured for this very purpose and at this point I have a massive creative ideas journal which I use to create my daily living.

The more ideas and opportunities you have available to you the wealthier you become.

Ask lots of positive questions…

“How will I do this or that?”, or “how could I improve that?” …these are questions I ask myself on a daily basis. Please notice that I have asked myself these questions as if I am looking for a solution which is all that is needed to get my subconscious mind to start working for me, and then all I have to do is listen for the feedback which ALWAYS COMES, and be prepared to record it or write it down for future use.

Cross pollinate ideas…

Often being creative is about being alert for techniques and methodology which are used in other professions because with just a little adaption techniques which work in one trade can be repurposed for another and this is where being creative really works in your favour. As my creative skills grew I found myself regularly cross pollinating ideas and coming up with some very fun and unique solutions to problems and challenges, and you will also if you follow this same process.

One good idea could make you wealthy!

The inspiration for this article came to me yesterday while I sat in a supermarket café as my car was being valeted. In the corner of the cafe was a passport photo machine which I had never given much thought to before, but on this occasion a very chatty and friendly engineer came to service and maintain it who went on to share some very privileged and highly encouraging information.

What caught my attention was when the service door was opened and I could see inside and just how simple everything was. Basically it was just a few easily obtainable element linked together and crafted into a profitable and simple to use solution. There was a basic computer which ran JUST ONEsimple bespoke software program which was linked to a payment program, a camera and a printer which was all crafted into a simple easy to use photo booth.

The engineer told me that they made and assembled them in house for under £2,000 and his boss who was still under 30 years of age had more than 130 of these sited in similar locations, and that the AVERAGE TAKINGS that each of these machines generated was a staggering £850 a week! …so do the maths for yourself.

Now in my estimation that means his ROI (return on investment) even after a profit share with the location landlord was around a month to six weeks. WOW!

What could you put together?

As you can see being creative can be very profitable!

You don’t have to think of creating tangible products such as a passport photo booth unless this is what you enjoy because similar opportunities are around us all of the time and patiently waiting for some creative person (why not you) to get behind them and develop them.

My own particular area of expertise is helping others to develop addition profit streams. This means my products and solutions are all intangible and can be developed on my computer, so as you can see you will only be restricted by your mind and the ideas which you can conceive, so don’t restrict it and start by being creative today.

Being Creative…

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