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Do some people attract luck into their lives or are they naturally lucky is an interesting question you often hear people discussing and those who are very successful being accused of.

I just love to play ‘Texas Holdem’ poker and most weeks I compete in a poker tournament. From this I know that runs of luck happen and sometime you can’t seem to do anything wrong and know that your good fortune comes down to the cards that luck is dealing you rather than your levels of skill.

However, most of the time the luck I experience comes down to skill and effort in my play and the dozens of different books I have read on the subject to continually increase my knowledge level on the subject.

I am sure from time to time that this type of luck happens in all spheres of life, and when it does the fortunate individual will generally be told that they attract luck rather than being identified as someone who has worked hard for the rewards other enviously call luck.

It’s not difficult to attract luck into your life…


Yes there is a lot you can do to which will help you leverage your ability to attract luck into your life, so let’s go through the main actions.

I know lots of VERY SUCCESSFUL individuals, who many would claim to be lucky. But they are nearly ALWAYS lucky and the main reason is that they hard are working and busy people. In fact, I have noticed that the harder and smarter we work the luckier we become. I have also noticed that those who know lots of people and have large and active networks of friends and acquaintances tend to attract luck far more than those who don’t.

By contrast, those people who spend their time moaning and groaning about their circumstances in life seem to attract luck far less often. So you need to do all you can to become lucky and for this reason my favourite saying is: “if it is going to be then it is up to me” and it nearly always is.

Belief and expectation…

When someone tells me I am lucky I agree with them and reply that I have always been lucky and expect to be lucky for all of my life. I 100% percent believe that when you get used to expecting the best in your life a strange thing happens, you USUALLY get it! …so for this reason I urge you to start believing that you are a lucky person and expect luck to always smile upon you.

This type of belief is a big advantage…

However, when it comes to attracting luck there will never be a substitute for hard work.

So get into the habit of believing you are lucky and always expect the best, but don’t forget when you pray remember to move your feet at the same time.

Attract luck

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