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Affiliate management may just be for you if you are looking for a method of generating HIGH EARNINGS and the opportunity of living life on your own terms. So let me begin this short article by defining the meaning of affiliate management.

The wiki definition states that; an affiliate manager manages affiliate programs by helping affiliates generate sales, track purchases and send commission, among other activities. This is a great definition and a complicated way of saying that you help other individuals generate profits and income which is what exactly what affiliate management is all about.

Where to start?

Well most people who are successful in affiliate management start by managing their own affiliate program or helping someone else run theirs to gain their experience. They discover that they have a flair for finding, helping and motivating others who understand the financial value of affiliate marketing and start to work with them.

How does it work?

Before you will fully understand affiliate management you will also need to understand affiliate marketing and how it works. To keep it simple an affiliate promotes other peoples products and services using marketing material which contains their unique affiliate reference and tracking code ensuring the moment a sale is made they are notified of their new commission they generate by email.

An affiliate may get as much as 20% to 50% of the gross cost of the product or service which they promote, especially on information and digitally delivered products. So for example, if the product or service cost £100 your commission for each new sale would be between £20 and £50.

Can you see the possibilities!

You can promote as many products and services as you wish and some affiliate programs will go on paying you for every other new product or service your prospect purchases, often for many years to come. One program I used to promote STILL PAYS me commissions of at least $700 each and every month even though I haven’t promoted them for more than a year; does this sound appealing?

Other affiliate products and services will pay you a residual monthly income which is wonderful. I personally know AT LEAST 15 people who generate six figure incomes from affiliate marketing even in this leaner time of financial recession.

Better still is the QUALITY of lifestyle which they lead!

The affiliate management difference!

As you now know the affiliate manager finds new affiliates who they train and help to generate ONGOING high levels of commissions. These could be for their own affiliate program which they are promoting, or for someone else’s. When it someone else’s they generally become the first level affiliate and those affiliates they recruit become second level affiliates. For their efforts they receive an additional percentage of commission for every sale their 2nd level affiliates generate, and this is affiliate management in a nutshell.

Let’s imagine that their 2nd level affiliates generate £1,000 a month (it could be FAR more or less)in commission from the affiliate program they are promoting and that the affiliate management programs pays an additional 10% commissions to 1st level affiliates. This means they will receive £100 commission for the effort of each of their affiliate and they could have 100’s or even 1,000’s of them – and you seeing the possibilities grow?

I know 3 people who specialise in this type of affiliate management and they are in exceptionally HIGH DEMAND and even OVERWHELMED by those who have products and services to sell and generally carefully cherry pick and choose the best programs to work with. Now there income is truly INCREDIBLE and they can grow their business just as large as they wish without restriction.

If this article has captured your attention then affiliate management may be for you and the way to gain experience is by starting to promote your own affiliate program and take it from there.

Affiliate management…

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