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Founder of Practical Profit Solutions Kevin has been generating Internet related income for nearly 17 years and made his fist online sale within 20 minutes of going live. He is the original ‘LifeStyle Entrepreneur’ and works from his beach-side home in the West Country of the UK!

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Life is for living and not just working.

Why listen to me?

Mainly because I lead a lifestyle which 95% of the western population would kill to have for themselves!

In my twenties I quickly realised that a normal JOB simply wouldn’t pay me the income I knew that I was worth. Neither would it allow me to lead my life in the way that I wished or allow me to purchase the luxuries of life as I had planned. Let’s be realistic, only a VERY SMALL minority become wealthy while working for someone else; and for that reason I became my OWN MAN and set out in pursuit of my own dreams.

Over a career spanning more than 35 years, and mainly from the comfort of my own home I have run a wide variety of different businesses MOST of which have been HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL, although a few have been complete DISASTERS and have taught me FAR MORE about business than my successes, all of which I now openly share.

As you will have guessed by now it’s not just about profit as lifestyle is just as HIGH on my list of priorities. My criteria is simple, keep overheads low and my PROFIT STREAMS HIGH. To only work the hours I wish and at time that suit me leaving me LOADS of free time to spend with my young and growing family. Most important of all; it MUST BE FUN, if I don’t enjoy doing it, then I don’t do it at all!

I got started in the 1980’s…

A good point to begin would be to tell you that I became fascinated with first computers and how they revolutionised my business, and later as a natural progression I was in on the Internet right at the very start. In 1995 I developed a small eMail list and just loved the way I could interact with my prospects without it costing me a penny.

Then I developed a DEAD SIMPLE plain text website which I published to the Internet. ASTONISHINGLY I made my fist sale within 25 minutes of it going live, and this was followed by seven more over the following couple of hours! This new method of generating a profit had captured my FULL ATTENTION and I was enthusiastic to see just how far I could take it.

One success followed another…

Soon after this I wrote a short eBook and sold more than 13,000 copies in the following two years!

The whole process was totally automated leaving me free to work on my next income stream. This was just the start to a long series of internet related successes.

A few years after this people started approaching me asking me to share my secrets and profit generating formulas with them. This developed into one of the most ENJOYABLE ASPECTS of my business which is mentoring others. It began with me developing video tapes and then CD’s and running live seminars. As technology developed I managed to dramatically cut the costs of mentoring students by developing private access membership websites such as this one as well as presenting regular webinars directly from my home.

I Live a CHARMED lifestyle…

At the time of writing I am 55 years of age so you can see generating Internet profits is not just for youngsters, in fact and by contrast the most successful people I know in this business are between 35 and 72 years of age. I really enjoy my work SO MUCH that I have no plans for retiring!

I live in my comfortable beach side home in a small village in the West of England. For the majority of my time I work from home and enjoy my young and energetic family to the very maximum. Over the last 12 months I have taken eight foreign holidays and will be taking even more in the future.

What a fly on my wall would see…

The first thing it would notice is that I am EXTREMELY casually dressed and often unshaven until lunch time when I smarten up before venturing out for a walk on the beach or have to do family errands. Unless I am conducting a webinar I am ALWAYS FINISHED for the day by 1.00 or 2.00pm at the VERY latest.

No expensive commuting or traffic jams for me!

I still run the occasional live seminar or workshop as well as conducting HIGH LEVEL consulting, but for this I demand TOP FEES, hotel accommodation and only travel at off peak times at a very leisurely pace.

Much of my work and planning is done on a writing pad, or recorded on my digital Dictaphone or laptop computer which makes me very portable and able to work from virtually anywhere that I wish.

When the sun shines…

If it is warm enough you will find me working outside happily absorbing the vitamin D sunlight freely provides. Actually I am a bit of sun worshiper as well as an amateur philanthropist and one of my VERY FAVORITE pastimes is that of people watching. So you will often find me sitting outside a local café watching the world go by as I work at my latest project on my note pad.

Now I do not want to mislead you…

My lifestyle may sound attractive or even idyllic to you, it certainly is for me and I wouldn’t change it for the World. However it won’t be for EVERYONE! Working from home and being your own boss can be a double edged sword and does require a certain discipline and focus. At the same time however, it provides an UNEQUALED STANDARD of lifestyle for those who are prepared to work at it.

Just remember that you could be enjoying one EXACTLY like it, or even better, in a very short time from now if you wish and are prepared to do what it takes! If you would like to discover about what I do during my day I have written an article entitled ‘A day in the life of a SUCCESSFUL internet entrepreneur’ and you can click here to read it.

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