"For Your Next Conference Give Your Delegates What They REALLY Want
AND Get What You Want Too!"


  When your delegates book a ticket for your multi-speaker event, what they're looking for is tips, secrets, advice and a system to give them the financial freedom they seek.

Underneath this they want to be inspired. To believe their dreams can become real. To believe their goals are achievable.

They want to walk away from your conference on a high. To know it was a fantastic investment of their money and time. They want it to be memorable.


In short they want an EXPERIENCE.

And what you want is to make sure your event impacts your bottom line profitably. That your speakers deliver.

Consistently delegates cite Paul Elliott as the best speaker of the conference. Delegates love him, promoters love him more because he delivers.

As a serial entrepreneur with an expert focus in starting businesses online, he shares his cutting edge and often controversial insights to leverage social media and the internet for maximum profit and maximum freedom.

He describes himself as a "RESEARCH NUT" because to solve the problems he's faced in his entrepreneurial career, he has gone back through the history of marketing and psychology legends, applying, testing and refining these ideas to discover what works today.

It's these lessons, experiences and insights he draws on to inspire, entertain and educate your delegates with the most powerful knowledge available to accelerate them to their

  • That's why they buy.
  • That's why they will remember your conference.
  • And that's why they'll return to your events bringing their friends.


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