The 7 Highly Successful Habits

The habits you follow on a daily basis will dictate your level of income and success in life. If you have developed WEALTH GENERATING habits then you will naturally become financially successful. Most people don’t develop smart financial habits and as a result belong to MAJORITY 95% of the population rather than the financially ELITE 3% - 5%!

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Welcome to a Better Lifestyle

Let’s get straight to the point!

This website is dedicated to forward looking individuals who are dedicated to improving their quality of lifestyle and income generating skills. The information on this site will introduce you to no less that 20 tried, tested and proven method for establishing ongoing Internet related income streams.

If you are fed up of being UNDERVALUED, UNDERPAID and complying to the rules of others then the information you find on this website will help you to fee yourself from the RAT RACE and live your life on your terms.

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Thank you for taking the time to find out more about the PPS (Practical Profit Solutions) Fast Track Internet wealth development program.

What you are about to discover is the very FASTEST way to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to start establish your own ONGOING Internet related stream, or MULTIPLE streams of income.

However, let me tell you right up front that this membership is not for the merely curious or half-heated, but for those forward-looking individuals who are ABSOLUTELY SERIOUS about improving the QUALITY of their LIFESTYLE and their levels of finance and family security.

However, this WON’T happen overnight…

Starting an Internet related business, like most businesses, is a STEEP learning curve which requires focus, HARD WORK and consistency, especially in the INITIAL stages. However, if you’re prepared to INVEST this time into your future by putting in more effort today in return for a far more comfortable and leisurely way of life tomorrow. If you are prepared to allow yourself to make MISTAKES on this journey from which you will learn and grow.

Then in a very short period of time you will start to enjoy the beginnings of an Internet related income which can be grown and nurtured to reach the point where you have an EXCEPTIONAL quality of LIFESTYLE, with loads of FREE TIME, and you can lead your life on your terms as much as possible. This point is known as FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE!

Does all this sound appealing? Of COURSE it does!

So who is the ‘Fast Track’ wealth development membership for?

Quite simply it is for ANYONE who has the HUNGER and DETERMINATION to create a better lifestyle for themselves. It doesn’t matter what level of knowledge you have right now even if it is ZERO, your starting point is irrelevant because KNOWLEDGE can be LEARNED, and have provided you with a step-by-step route map to help you create your own online business. Plus if you wish, I will be there to help you EVERY STEP of the way with live support, advice and ONGOING motivation.

I want you to SUCCEED, because your success is my success also.

For this reason I have made it as EASY as possible for you to become a BIG success in the shortest time possible. In this ELITE membership I provide you with EVERYTHING you need to get started immediately.

  • The tools and software
  • UNLIMITED website hosting packages
  • 24 tried, test and proven pick and mix profit modules
  • Step-by-step learning modules
  • Ongoing support (If you want it?)
  • Tips, techniques and methodology
  • A community of like-minded individuals
  • Everything!

So why should you consider generating an Internet related income rather than other obvious wealth generation methods?

Here are the main reasons!

MINIMAL Investment requirements!

Unlike property and stock markets investing, which in these turbulent times often require CONSIDERABLE investment just to get started, as well as possessing HUGE inherent financial risk? You can start on generating your new internet related stream of income for a VERY MINIMAL investment, and if you have a computer and Internet access you are ready to get started IMMEDIATELY!

It’s AMAZINGLY Convenient

Can you imagine what it would be like to leave the DAILY COMMUTE to and from work behind you FOREVER? No more TRAFFIC JAMS or chilly early morning starts for you!

Have you ever considered this? For those people who spend an hour in the morning, and then another hour in the evening traveling to and from their place of work. They WASTE 12 FULL weeks of productive work time in NEEDLESS travel every year!


Now imagine the income that you could generate working for yourself in this same period of time? ONCE ESTABLISHED I would imagine at the VERY LEAST that this would be equivalent to your FULL previous year’s wages as an employee if not MUCH MORE!

Generating your income from the Internet has just got to be the ULTIMATE when it comes to convenience and versatility. The Internet is open 24/7 and 365 days a year; so you can work at times that suit you and your present lifestyle.

You can work from anywhere you wish, even while abroad, and just as I do, for a few hours each day. I do that EVEN while I am on my holidays – simply because I ENJOY my work so much.

Most of the time I work from locations around my West Country home, as I live only yards from the beach and it’s a quiet and very pleasant location. However, I also often work in a variety of other places just for a change of scenery.

Most of my work is done from my desktop computer, but I also use a laptop computer, and as is the case today, I also often work the old fashion way with a pen and writing pad, or sometimes a digital Dictaphone. It works fine for draft strategies, idea generation and even writing sales letters and written communications etc.

As I am writing the script for this video I am sitting in the cafe at Salisbury’s because my wife likes me to drive her shopping, so we can chat together, but then keep well out of her way while she shops. This arrangement suits me just fine because I am STILL productive and get a brief change of surroundings and can indulge in a ‘Café Latte’ as I work.

You could soon be working in a SIMILAR way if you wish…

The Internet is EXCEPTIONALLY mentally stimulating…

If you are bored with your present job, or if it ever leaves you feeling UNCHALLENGED or UNFULFILLED? I can GUARANTEE that you this never happen while generating an Internet related income. Personally, I find it so engaging that I almost leap out of bed most mornings because I just can’t wait to get started working!

However, my wife would tell you that there IS a DOWNSIDE

She would tell you that the ONLY problem with this line of work is that it’s just TOO ABSORBING!

You see, most of the Internet projects I get involved in are great fun, satisfying and captivating …and at times prising me away from what I am doing JUST to eat and socialise with my family and friends, can be a point of contention with the female who rules our household.

How long will it take me to generate a profit?

As you can imagine this is the question I get asked most often of all, and is a very DIFFICULT question to answer because every individual has different motivations and VERY different set of circumstances.

Please remember this, developing your Internet business is NOT a race, and due to the nature of the Internet, you can progress at developing your project and new business at a pace which suits you and your lifestyle without stress or pressure. Work at it in short blasts as and when you have time, or go at it like a CHARGING RHINO to get your project up and flying quickly; both ways produce great results if worked at correctly.

You can start VERY part time and at a speed that suits you until you develop your skills and understanding to the point where you have many more choices available to you. I don’t want to mislead you, so the most accurate answer to this question is it will take you as long as it takes, but I would estimate the AVERAGE STUDENT will start generating profits within 3 to 6 months!

There are no SHORTAGE of opportunities…

The sheer OVERWHELMING volume of financially rewarding Internet-related opportunities and projects that are just waiting for someone LIKE YOU to get behind them, take ownership and make them grow and flourish is amazing!

At this point you are ONLY LIMITED by your imagination and understanding, but by becoming a member of the Fast Track ‘Internet Wealth Creation Program’ will help you start identifying and seeing these opportunities and discover which is the MOST SUITED for you.

You CAN do it!

Generating ongoing income and profits from the Internet is not difficult WHEN YOU KNOW HOW, because there are just SO MANY different ways in which you can do so. Some of them will fit as well as a made-to-measure suit of clothes, whatever your circumstances…

The recipe for financial Internet success is SIMPLE!

The main thing is to TAKE ACTION with the knowledge you gain, and not be afraid to experiment and make a few mistakes, especially in the initial stages because they will advance you FAR QUICKER than your successes!

You really can make the DREAM become reality…

As I mentioned earlier, if you are not afraid of learning something new, and some initial HARD WORK you will soon discover that the Internet playing field has been levelled so you can complete with the big players. With just a little SMART focus and consistent effort you could soon be the proud owner of a VALUABLE Internet ASSETT which puts income into your bank account EVERYDAY regardless of if you’re are working, sleeping or away on holiday.

Can I do this JOURNEY alone?

The simple answer is yes!

However, I would also like to HIGHLIGHT the fact that most ENTHUSIASTIC would-be entrepreneurs whose objective is to start a profitable Internet related business, without guidance, FAIL MISERABLY, and usually FALL at the VERY first hurdle.

Your biggest challenge will be overcoming OVERWHELM and frustration which leads to a severe case of procrastination and stagnation. So why would you make things difficult for yourself when there is a SMARTER, easier and far more ENJOYABLE way of becoming profitable, in a much shorter time span?

Did you know that most successful entrepreneurs have mentors?

Well they do!

In fact, they often have MORE than one because they know that a mentor will help them achieve much more, MUCH MORE quickly than trying to do it alone. Leaving them free to enjoy themselves and get on with what they do best.

I hope this short introduction has ignited a FIRE and PASSION deep inside you to get started upon establishing your own stream of Internet related income, and putting your life into the financial FAST LANE? If so, I would to invite you to CLOSELY EXAMINE the HUGE benefits that the PPS FAST TRACK membership offers you, and you will find a link to them at the bottom of this page.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me because I would just welcome the opportunity to answer them for you. If I am not personally available, someone will come back to you just as soon as they become free.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to speaking with you again shortly.


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Kind regards