Small Business advice

Small business advice is thrown around on the web like confetti at a wedding.

And most of it is worth about as much as the confetti.

small business advice

Government bodies set up with the greatest of intentions and yet run by employees whove never set foot in the entrepreneurial world ever. No exactly the kind of credibility you need to get you on the right path.

So, let me cut through the rubbish and give you not just a vague nugget of small business advice

but the most practical, actionable, in your face, you must do this small business advice.

which will lay rest the myths and place you firmly in the starting blocks of rapid, bankable success.

You may not be ready for this advice. You may disagree because it feels uncomfortable. But in business you can either get the results you want, or have excuses why you didnt.

And arguing isnt going to change that.

One of my mentors told me early on too many people assume building a business is common sense.

It isnt.

A viable idea is essential. And a viable idea on its own wont build a viable business.

If you were to become a doctor, you wouldnt question going to school and studying the skills necessary to actually be one.

Similarly if you wanted to be a computer programmer, youd first get the skills.

Even if you wanted to drive a car, youd get lessons first!

And yet, why do so many people start a business without any of the skills needed to make it a success.

And worse, somehow believe there are no skills to growing a business. Or if there are they dont need them because hey, its all common sense.

Arrogance, stupidity, just plain dont know what you dont know?

Well, Ive been guilty of all of those excuses. Thankfully though, I allowed results, or lack of them, to kick my butt.

So, let me tell you there is a specific skill set to growing a business. One which you need especially in a small business.

You cant abdicate the responsibility for your businesses success to someone else.

Its down to you.

The greatest small business advice ever.

You need to master the skills needed to turn your business idea into an outrageous success.

So get started now. Make sure learning and mastering those skills is part of your big plan.

Because otherwise youll just be another statistic on the shattered dreams scrap heap.

You have been advised. You have been warned. You have been given the defining small business advice. Now take action!