Make Money Fast

How long will it take me to start generating ONLINE PROFITS?

Get rich slowly is my advice to you, because :

The FASTEST way to go BROKE, is to try to get rich quick!

and if ANYONE tells you different, or that they would like to show you a way of using the Internet to becoming rich quick. RUN AWAY as fast as you can because you have just met one of the MANY internets CHARLATANS who have their eye firmly fixed on parting you from your wallet.

Get Rich slowly is GREAT evergreen ADVICE when it comes to generating Internet related income and profits. But before you become disappointed, let me define exactly what I mean by slowly, and my exact definition of rich.

If you are prepared to put in some CONSISTENT effort, start small, and begin by educating yourself on a regular DAILY BASIS, you could start generating a small income or initial profits within just weeks or a month or so from today.

These are get rich slowly profits which you can build upon, and then within a very short period of time, six months to a year from now you could be working at stabilising an enviable ONGOING six figure income from the comfort of your own home which will allow you to sack your boss, give up the day job and leave the RAT RACE behind you FOREVER.

Read: A Day in the life of successful Internet marketer to learn more

Is this timescale REALISTIC?

With the right ATTITUDE, determination and support in place YES it is VERY realistic!

The reason that I promote that you adopt a Get Rich Slowly attitude is that generating ONGOING Internet profits is NOT a RACE! and sometimes you just have to be patient because it takes just as long as it takes! Those people that become impatient and irritated at not making the progress which they desire, generally lose sight of their goals and become completely UNFOCUSED!

Get rich slowly, remember, PATIENCE is a virtue

More specifically, MOST people who focus themselves on being a success in this business take in excess of six months to make their first profits, perhaps 10% of ENTHUSIASTIC individuals do it in less than six months, and a few EXCEPTIONAL individuals manage to do it within their first week or two of making a start.

For example

One of our students managed to generate a NET PROFIT in excess of £2,300 within JUST TWO DAYS of the Internet wealth seminar which she attended. She went on to repeat her success three times more before the end of the month, and even teach the same formula to her daughter who also became successful and using that same particular technique which unfortunately no longer works. We have also had a number of students who have successfully managed to establish replacement income streams within just two or three months of starting.

To begin with you have a LOT to learn and understand

You must learn many new ENTREPRENEURIAL SKILLS, and master them one at a time by practising them regularly. Like most things in life, as your understanding grows, EVERYTHING starts to become MUCH easier and progressing at a much faster pace, I think they call this exponential growth?

Some people they are learning curve is difficult, I prefer to think its FUN and CHALLENGING which it is. However, if you are disciplined and master them one at a time you will soon find yourself making MASSIVE forward progress.

The biggest challenge that you face is becoming OVERWHELMED and UNFOCUSED during the learning period! Please note: You dont have to learn EVERYTHING before you start making a profit, and this is why I so STRONGLY suggest that you find a mentor to guide you.

The FORMULA for IM success is quite simple

You must start by having workable action plan to follow in place, this will save you wasting your VALUABLE time, money and ENERGY, and help you get to the point you want to be just as soon as possible.

If youre impatient it is likely that you will be UNSUCCESSFUL!

In Internet marketing and Internet related profits, the get rich slowly attitude really works. Have you heard the story of the TORTOISE and HARE? Well there are lots of would be millionaire hares haunting the Internet in search of that get rich quick scheme which actually works.

They are all looking for that elusive magic button, potion or pill which will allow them to fall asleep tonight, and wake up RICH in the morning! Unfortunately, if you choose to be a hare rather than the tortoise, you will almost certainly DOOM yourself to failure and thats another great reason why you should consider following the Get Rich Slowly phylosphy.

By contrast, if you choose to be the tortoise, and adopt the get rich slowly and surely attitude, you have a FAR HIGHER chance of achieving lasting success and reaching your goals and objectives in the shortest time possible. In fact, if you just keep adjusting and refining your results, it is hard to see how you can fail.

Another question I am regularly asked to answer is:

Why do so many people fail at generating an Internet related profits or income?

The answer to this is simple; you see ‘Get Rich Quick’ schemes usually appeal most to those individuals who are DESPERATE for money or a way of generating an income, or those who are GREEDY or GENERALLY LAZY, or even a combination of all three. Sorry, there are two more categories I should have included, and those are the individuals who are either STUPID or GULLIBLE.

As the old saying goes: “A FOOL and his money are EASILY parted!”

This is the reason why there are so many UNPRINCIPLED individuals promising you overnight profits from outdated and unworkable Internet ventures and techniques. They know from VAST experience that GREED is best and tastiest bait to catch their next customer and they know that there will ALWAYS be a new SUCKER along tomorrow, WILL IT BE YOU? I hope not!

Lets take a closer look at that bait, which of the following two scenarios sounds the most appealing to you?

A: Be prepared to put in some consistent effort and ongoing hard work into the construction and foundations of your financial future?

B: Buy into a TOO-GOOD TO-BE-TRUE ready-made profit generation system which promises to generate FANTASTIC levels of Internet riches while you sleep or sunbathe on any golden sands tropical beach?

With such an appealing claims it is not hard to see why so many people are parting with their HARD EARNED money and end up BITTERLEY disappointed never to try again.

Get rich slowly you have a HUGE opportunity starring you in the face

The Internet offers anyone, INCLUDING YOU, unrivalled opportunities to quickly start up what could soon turn into a very profitable business with next to no investment capital. However, like all businesses it requires both initial and ONGOING EFFORT to build momentum and keep it running. Read the truth about Internet marketing.

So are YOU up to it?

Do you have what it takes to make it happen for you, rather than being part of someone elses dream? Remember, you never too young or too old to get started on your get rich slowly campaign, and you dont need anyones permission to be a success. But remember, you can DRAMATICALLY IMPROVE your chances of achieving ONGOING success with a little help.

Practical Profit Solutions offers a WIDE variety of solutions for individuals just like you. For the beginner to the Internet, to those with MORE EXPERIENCE that know the TRUE VALUE of ongoing mentoring from coaches who gained their experience in the front lines of the commercial Internet generating their own income from using the techniques they teach and share with their pupils on a daily basis.

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