We Live CHARMED lifestyles

As every ones time is both VALUABLE and finite, these are the things you NEED to know before you get into the meat of this or our membership web sites.

Both my business partner Paul Elliott and I have been successful in generating profits from the Internet for many years in a VARIETY of different and sometimes unusual niches and industries. We have established many virtually automated streams of income.

Once switched on and established, they require a minimum of maintenance, whilst at the same time they carry on growing and attracting higher levels of qualified traffic.

For this reason, NOTHING we share on this web site, or in our products or  Internet Wealth Mentoring Programs are from theory, but only personal hard won experience, and things we have had success and obtained results with. As the Internet offers the budding IME (Internet Marketing Entrepreneur) such HUGE opportunities we share EVERYTHING and hold NOTHING back.

We 0ffer a range of PPS (Practical Profit Solution) mentoring products and packages, our ELITE business model is, The RSS (Really Simple Solution) which we are now offering to share with you has allowed us to lead ENVIABLE lifestyles, click on the following link to discover more about our advanced Internet Wealth Mentoring Programs.

A little more about us

We both live in a small seaside resort in the West of England, and for the majority of our time we work from home and enjoy our young families to the very maximum.

If you were a fly on the wall of either of our homes you would see that for most of the time we are EXTREMELY casually dressed and often unshaven; we live very relaxed and leisurely lifestyles and do things at our OWN pace.

We share many long lunches and breakfasts together socialising and planning our projects. In fact we lead the VERY lifestyle that it appears many individuals (perhaps you also) want to have for themselves, and that is the very reason we are now prepared to share everything we have learned in the past 13 years – with you

The photo shows us grafting hard at Pauls home surrounded by our children. In our opinion, we live the GOOD life which anyone with the desire to do so can replicate…
As you can see we are not your stereo-typed image of entrepreneurs wearing pin striped suits and driving highly polished flash or luxury cars. By contrast we are middle aged, drive people carriers, and take it REALLY easy investing lots of our time and energy in doing the things that we enjoy most.

If you want to discover the specifics of what out typical day entails I have written an article entitled A day in the life of a successful Internet marketer

Now I do not want to mislead you…

Our lifestyle may sound attractive or even idyllic to you, it certainly is for us and we wouldn’t change it for the World. However it won’t be for EVERYONE!

If you think just knowing our PPS Internet Wealth formulas which we share without applying some effort will improve your finances, I am sorry to tell you that it won’t. Becoming a successful IME (Internet Marketing Entrepreneur) requires focus and ongoing effort, moreIMPORTANTLY you must be TOTALLY committed to becoming a financial success, and then the magic will start to happen.

In fact, as I remember it, and probably because I am quite a slow learner, in the initial stages of my learning process I had to commit much of my spare time until the point that I had my first project running and productive. However, in my own defence neither did I have the benefit of ‘The PPS Internet Wealth Mentoring Programs to support me and help me over the challenges which I encountered and had to overcome alone.

On the positive side

Creating my first project was a LOAD of fun and I can’t express the RUSH I received from seeing my first website up and working and establishing its place and position on the World wide web. Even better was the feeling of sheer joy I received a few hours later when I made my first sale closely followed by a second, third, etc, to within just a few days I had established an income stream which proved to go on paying me for the following 6 years.

From little acorns

After my first project was generating an income, everything became SO MUCH easier, and I spent my time improving the aspects that increased the income it was generating. As you can imagine, from the experience I had gained, when I began my second project it was 3 or 4 times as quick and easy to develop than the first!

I learned the hard way, but you dont have to…

Clarity of focus and a strong game plan to follow are essential elements when creating an internet business …this is why the PPS Internet Wealth’ Mentoring Programs could shortcut your learning by YEARS!

To highlight this point I want to tell you that occasionally Paul and I STILL HAVE projects that don’t work, or which fail to generate a viable income. I suppose there is a failure rate in every industry however well tested and researched. But our occasional failures fade into complete insignificance compared to the 99% of Internet websites which NEVER make a penny and never will, or receive visits from more than the occasional misguided surfer who arrived by accident.

These are the dead and dormant websites of those who did not have support and tried to work out how to make a profit alone. A small minority may be revived and become profitable, or their owners may go on to build another site and project which is more successful MOST however DO NOT! a lost opportunity, please dont let this happen to you.

Now you understand how we live and work, and that we only mentor a VERY LIMITED number of candidates who fulfill our requirements, let me also tell you we make No Excuses for our prices; they are EXTREMELY competitive when compared to the ASTOUNDING levels of ONGOING income you can generate using from using the ‘PPS Memberships, Systems’ and tried and tested information which we share …and as you will soon discover we give AMAZING value.

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